JKBOSE 10th Class English Essay Writing

JKBOSE 10th Class English Essay Writing

JKBOSE 10th Class English Essay Writing

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 10th Class English

Format of Article / Speech Writing

There is not much difference in the format of an article or speech. Only in the matter of a speech, one has to make use of a salutation in the form of greeting the chief guest, the organisers, other dignitaries and the audience in general.
1. Rashid / Raman of class 10th, has to take part in an Inter-school Essay Competition to be held in DIET, Jammu, on the topic, ‘Mahatma Gandhi – a Messenger of Non-violence and Peace’. Taking hints from the table below, write an essay on Mahatma Gandhi. 
Gandhiji – My Favourite Leader
Birth             : 2nd Oct., 1869 at Porbandar, Gujarat.
Education    : Law degree in England.
Practice       : Practised Law in South Africa.
                     Returned to India.
                     Took active part in the freedom struggle of India.
                     Never used or promoted violence for freedom struggle.
                     Propounded non-violence.
                     Forced the British to quit India.
Dear Friends
Who has not heard the name of Gandhiji – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ? He was the Father of our Nation. Though he is no more among us, I yet consider him my favourite leader.
Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869. He was unlike other boys. He was very gentle. He loved truth. He respected his teachers. After doing law, he started practice in India. He did not take up false cases. He went to Africa to fight a case. There he saw the poor condition of Indians. The English treated them badly. Gandhiji fought for their rights for ten years. Then he came back to India. He fought for the freedom of India. He gave us a new way of fighting. It was ‘ahimsa’. It was more powerful than violence. He got India free for us in 1947. He was a real Mahatma. He led a very simple life. He is called the Father of our Nation. A mad person shot him dead on January 30, 1948. Gandhiji’s name will always be remembered.
Speech drafted by:
2. You are required to write a speech to be delivered during a speech competition on the topic, ‘Importance of Music’, to be held in your school. Write it with the help of the following notes. 
Fine art – vocal – instrumental – all age groups – natural gift – food for soul – pop – light – concerts – competitions – suggestion – school to provide facilities
Dear Friends
The present-day life is full of hurry and worry. There is fret, fever and tension in every mind. Everybody longs to have at least some moments of peace in his life. And that peace can come from music alone. Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. It is the purest form of joy which equally touches every heart. It is food for the soul. And the varieties of this food are many — vocal, instrumental, western, oriental, classical, pop, light, jazz, etc. Music may be of any kind; it knows no limitations of caste, creed or religion. It has a universal appeal. Musical concerts and competitions are always a big draw. If we are to make this world a better place to live in, we should attune the ears of our children to the joys of music, because where there is music, there can be no evil’. In the light of all this, it is suggested that the school should provide facilities for the teaching of vocal as well as instrumental music.
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3. You have to speak in the morning assembly of the school on your turn. As a conscious citizen, write a speech, asserting the strong and timetested communal harmony in our society in the light of recent overtures of vested interests to disturb it in about 250 words, highlighting the unity in diversity. 
Dear Friends
In our state, all of us, belonging to all castes, creeds and colours, have been maintaining a very high standard of communal harmony. We did not consider one different from all others. But of late, some vested interests have come up who are bent upon destroying the noble sentiment of harmony. Many of those devils have been sent by our neighbouring country. Our state has been facing many problems. But the biggest threat to the unity and integrity is communalism. Anti-national and separatist elements are exploiting the bereligious feelings of various communities, thereby trying to weaken the state. In fact, corrupt and unscrupulous leaders are the root cause of this problem. They fan the fire of communal hatred. They incite the people to violence. They play in the hands of foreign agents for the sake of a few pieces of silver. The innocent people are unable to see through their nefarious designs. The evil of communalism did an irreparable harm to the nation in 1947 when the country was partitioned. It will be very unfortunate if this evil is allowed to grow once again.
It is the duty of every right-thinking citizen to fight these communal and antinational forces tooth and nail. The conscientious leaders of all the political parties should join hands to fight this grave danger to the nation. They should expose the evil designs of the communal leaders. The government should come down heavily on anti-national elements. The mischief-mangers should be given exemplary punishment.
We, the youth of the nation, have unbounded energy in us. We can contribute a lot in fighting the evil of communalism. We should all take a pledge that come what may, we shall give even the last drop of our blood to protect the integrity of our dear state. We must understand that we can prosper only if we are united. A divide among us will prove detrimental to our own interests. So friends, let us undertake to maintain the harmony among all the communities of our state. Thanks for giving me your precious time.
Speech drafted by –
Mohammad Yakub
4. You are Anshu of 10th Class. You have to participate in a speech competition on the topic, ‘Uses and Abuses of Internet’. Write a speech on the topic in not more than 250 words. 
Dear Friends
Today we have the Internet and the cell phones. They have become a central force that fuels the rhythm of daily life. Today more and more people use the Internet for all sorts of information. They play games on the Internet, get news, shop online and get health information. The Internet can help us to know and understand the problems faced by the country. We can then communicate with others through Internet and put in united efforts to solve those problems. Through online teaching, the Internet can help in eradicating illiteracy. The Internet is the fastest, the easiest and the cheapest medium of instruction. And without having to travel to other countries, we can remain blin contact with anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world. We can communicate que with them, know their problems, let them know our problems and thus dispel all misunderstandings and doubts about each other. At the same time, there are also some abuses of the Internet. Through Internet, hackers manage to have access to the essential information of ours. Our bank accounts can be intruded into and our money can be transferred unauthorisedly to other accounts. Children and the youth access the pornographic websites. This leads them astray and they do not hesitate to commit rapes even. So Internet should be used very cautiously.
Speech delivered by –
5. Even after about 70 years of Independence, women have to walk miles together in certain parts of the country to fetch water. There is not only the scarcity of water but water in most places is also contaminated. Write an article in about 150 words on the scarcity of clean drinking water in the country. Also suggest how this problem can be solved.
Ans.                                            Scarcity of Clean Drinking Water in the Country 
It is unfortunate that even after about 70 years of Independence, clean drinking water is not available in certain parts of the country. Women can be seen going miles together to fetch drinking water for their families. There is not only the scarcity of water, there is the problem of contaminated water also. As a result, people become the victims of all sorts of waterborne diseases. It is the first and foremost duty of the government to make clean drinking water available for all the citizens of the country. Chlorinated and purified water should be supplied to all rural as well as urban areas through underground water pipes. Villages can be formed into clusters and a separate tubewell can be dug up for each cluster. The water of some big rivers can also be treated chemically and made drinkable. Thus the people can be assured of a good supply of drinkable water at all hours of the day. And it is the duty of the people also not to let valuable water run waste. Due to climatic changes and due to our wasteful habits, the level of underground water has gone dangerously low. Therefore, while the availability of sufficient drinkable water for all people is a must, the preservation of this valuable source of life is equally an unavoidable necessity.
Article written by –
6. Write a short paragraph on, “The Evil of Dowry System’: 
◆ Stigma on our society
◆ Insult to women, shame for men
◆ Girls tortured, many innocent lives lost
◆ Law disallows, yet the evil spreading day by day
◆ Educating girls and making them self-dependent, the only way to end this evil.
◆ Refuse to marry dowry-seekers.
Ans.                                            The Evil of Dowry System
Dowry system is a big social evil. It is a stigma on our society. It is an insult to women. It is a matter of shame for men. The parents of the marriageable girls keep searching for a suitable boy for a long time. They look for a family where they do not have to give a dowry which may be beyond their means. This leads to the late marriages of the girls, especially those from poor families. The rich parents can somehow meet the demands, but the poor parents have to suffer a lot. Many girls are unable to get married, some of them even commit ou suicide. Thus the greed for dowry has taken the lives of many innocent girls. be Even after the marriage, many girls are tortured physically as well as mentally. Many a time, they are even burnt alive. Though we have a law which disallows the giving and taking of dowry, yet this evil is spreading day by day. We can’t end it merely by shouting slogans and holding demonstrations. Women will have to become bold. They should have education and become economically self-dependent. They should refuse to marry dowry seekers. Young men should also try to wash off this dirty stigma. They should take a vow not to demand or accept any dowry at the time of their marriage. It is only by exercising a strong willpower that this evil can be ended. The parents should be encouraged to perform simple marriages where the dowry demands do not raise their hvor dirty head.
7. You are required to speak on ‘Environmental Pollution’ in the school morning assembly. Prepare your speech, taking help from the following points. Write the speech in not more than 150 words.
Environment             — air – water – land
Sources of pollution — traffic – garbage
Ecological balance    — felling of trees – building of dams – congested – localities
Suggestions              — plantation – pooling – shifting of factories and mills
Dear Friends
Environment means the natural conditions (e.g., land, air and water) in which we live. Pollution means making something dirty or impure, especially by adding harmful or unpleasant substances. Thus environmental pollution means making our land, air and water so dirty and impure that they become harmful for us. For example, we pollute our rivers with chemical wastes from factories. We pollute the air with smoke from our chimneys and automobiles. We pollute our atmosphere with the noise of horns and loudspeakers.
Environmental pollution – be it of air, water or noise – is a man-made calamity. Recently, it has assumed such alarming proportions that it has become the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. It is estimated that the world needn’t go in for the third world war for its total extinction. If the present rate of environmental pollution continues, the 21st century will be the last one to be witnessed by man.
Only recently, our government became aware of the gravity of the problem. Various steps have been taken to keep the environment free from pollution. More attention is being paid to afforestation. The unauthorised felling of trees is being checked. Scientists are developing methods to minimise the effect of smoke let out by our autos and chimneys. In fact, environmental awareness is a social necessity.
Thank you.
Speech written by –
(For Practice)
Muzamil, a student of class 10th, has to take part in a speech competition on the topic, ‘Pollution’ in the school morning assembly. Write the speech in not more than 200 words. 
8. You are required to speak on ‘Female Education’ on the Annual Day. Prepare your speech on this topic in not more than 250 words. 
Ans.                                                                  Female Education 
Dear Friends
Until a few years ago, no attention was paid to female education in the country. It was even considered undesirable to educate the girl child. But now with the spread of general awareness and with the growing emancipation and empowerment of women, the attitude of people has begun to change. The government of the country has also played a vital role in this direction. Schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, CBSE scholarship to single girl child and the government’s policy of giving free education to girls have come as a boon for the society. Now girls have proved that they are no less than boys in any field. Most of the top positions in all Board and University examinations are captured by girls. India can never hope to march ahead with other developed nations of the world if half of her population is deprived of the benefits of education. In fact, educating girls is more important than educating boys because it has been rightly said that if we educate a woman, we educate a family. The good start has already been made and it must continue with greater acceleration.
Speech written by –
Hina Qureshi
9. Taking help from the clues given below, wirte an essay on ‘Science in Our Daily Life’.
Science …………………. its influence ………………… everywhere ………………. adding to human comfort ……………… safety ……………… electricity. Means of transport ……………….. time and distance conquered ………………….. aeroplanes, rockets, ships ……………… Medical Science ……………. advanced ……………… comforts ………………. plastic surgery ………………. bridging of distance ……………….. computers ……………… atomic energy for peaceful purposes ……………….. make it a good servant ………………. not a bad master.
Ans.                                                               Science in Our Daily Life
Modern age is the age of science. The influence of science can be felt in every sphere of life. It has gone a long way in making human life comfortable and safe. Now we have fast and comfortable means of transport. We can reach from one place to the other in the shortest possible time. Medical science has also become quite advanced. Because of the better medical facilities, death rate has decreased. With the help of plastic surgery, any distortion on the face or the other part of the body can be removed. With the help of computers, we can make calculations in no time. We can use atomic energy for peaceful purposes for example, to produce electricity. But at the same time, atomic energy can be very destructive if used in a war. In fact, science has proved a great blessing for mankind, but we must use this blessing responsibly. We should make science a good servant, not a bad master.
10. Ayush, a student of 10th class, has to take part in a speech competition on the topic, ‘Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru – A Great Visionary’. Using the ideas from the table below, write a speech on the said topic(about 150 words) 
Pt. Nehru – a Visionary 
(i) Born on Nov. 14, 1889 in Allahabad.
(ii) Education at Harrow School and Cambridge College, England.
(iii) Returned to India in 1912.
(iv) Practised law for some time.
(v) Joined Indian National Congress in 1917.
(vi) Imprisoned nine times by British Administration.
(vii) Did not share Gandhiji’s belief in passive resistance.
(viii) First Prime Minister of India.
(ix) Known as the father of Institutional Democracy.
Ans.                                                                 Pt. Nehru – a Visionary
Dear Friends
Pt. Nehru was a great visionary and one of the greatest statesmen of the world. He was born on 14th November, 1889 in Allahabad. He got his education at Harrow School and Cambridge College, England. After completing his education, he returned to India in 1912. In 1917, he joined Indian National Congress. He was a great patriot. He took an active part in India’s movement for freedom. He was a great orator. For his speeches against the British, he was imprisoned nine times. Nehru wanted to free India from the clutches of the British but he did not believe in Gandhiji’s method of passive resistance. He became the first Prime Minister of free India. He believed in secular, social and democratic republic. He wanted democracy from the top to the root level. He was known as the father of Institutional Democracy. Pt. Nehru passed away in 1964.
Thank you
Speech drafted by –
Ayush X-A
11. Taking help from the clues given below, write an essay on ‘The Importance of Games’ : 
Games important ………………… physical and mental development ………………. fitness, activeness, alertness, vigilance. Indoor games as cards, chess ……………… outdoor games ………………. football, cricket ……………… as important as food …………………. important part of education ……………….. teaches discipline.
Ans.                                                                     The Importance of Games
Games are as important as work. They have a great value in our life. It has been well said that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Games or sports keep us healthy. They develop our body and mind also. They provide physical fitness, activeness, alertness and vigilance. They help us remain fit physically as well as mentally. They teach us the value of obedience, cooperation, discipline and tolerance in our life. Games develop in us team spirit. The best way to use one’s leisure is to play some indoor games like cards, chess, carrom or outdoor games like football and cricket. Playing games is as imporant as eating food. In fact, games are an important part of education. Without them, our education remains incomplete. We can have 30 a sound mind only in a sound body. Thus the health of the body is a must for the health of the mind. Sports should never be taken as a waste of time.
12. Raju, a student of class 10th, has to take part in an essay writing competition on the topic, Science and Human Happiness’. Using ideas and hints given below, write an essay for him on the topic mentioned above:
Present age …………. an age of science ……………… has changed every field……………. killing diseases have been controlled …………….. made our life easier and comfortable……………….. has conquered time and space ……………..  is a great blessing.
Ans.                                                               Science and Human Happiness
Science has brought about big changes in all the fields of modern life. Therefore, the present age is called the age of science. Science has helped us to travel faster. It has helped us to produce more crops in our fields. It has helped to increase the production in our factories. It has helped in curing many diseases. Now, with the help of scientific inventions, we can live a longer and healthier life. We can say that science has changed man’s life completely. We can fly like birds and swim like fish. In fact, science has put in man’s hand the powers that gods are said to have. Science has proved a great blessing for mankind, but we must use this blessing responsibly. Every discovery of science has its positive as well as negative side. No discovery of science is good or bad in itself. It depends on us how we use it – for the happiness of mankind or its destruction. The possibilities on either side are Sunlimited.
13. You are Hiba of class 10th and have to speak on the topic, The Role of Youth in Modern Jammu and Kashmir’. Write a speech in about 250 words on it, using the ideas and hints given below: 
Role of youth is very vital anywhere in the world ……………… so is it in J & K. Youth can help in eradication of social evils ……………… dowry, domestic violence, drug abuse, corruption, moral waywardness, misuse of cell phones, Internet and social media etc.
Ans.                                              The Role of Youth in Modern Jammu & Kashmir
The youth of Jammu and Kashmir can play a vital role in the development of the state. They are its real strength. They are full of energy. They have the power to act. They can do a lot to enhance its tourism. They can also help to increase production in all fields of agriculture and textile industry. In short, there is no field in which the youth can’t play their constructive role. They can translate dreams into reality. The youth are full of idealism. They can use ovartheir idealism to fight the evils that are eating into the vitals of the state. erThese evils mainly include terrorism and communalism. If these evils are Du eradicated, the state will start progressing rapidly on the course of development. In fact, the youth are the pillars of a nation. But it is important that these pillars are sturdy and well built. They should be well-educated bonand well-informed about the latest developments in the world. They should (remain away from anti-national and separatist elements who are exploiting the religious feelings of various communities in order to weaken the nation. They should try their level best to maintain peace and harmony in the state. Only then they can again make Kashmir ‘a heaven on the earth’.
Speech by
Class X A
14. Rashi / Sahil of class 10th has to take part in an Inter-school Essay Competition to be held in D.I.E.T., Jammu. The topic is “The Importance of Discipline in Life’. Using the ideas from the table given below, write the essay. 
Discipline – basis of whole universe, everything in nature is governed by some laws for harmony.
Why needed: (i) for the happiness and welfare of all.
                       (ii) strength of an individual as well as of a nation.
                       (iii) helps in personal and national prosperity and growth.
Indiscipline – chaos, weakness, confusion and quarrels.
Agencies that can help : home, educational institutions, etc.
Ans.                                                           The Importance of Discipline
Discipline means training the mind and character. It is a training to live in accordance with rules. It is a physical, mental and moral training. It requires voluntary obedience to fixed codes of behaviour. Discipline is the basis of whole universe. To keep harmony in the universe, everything in nature is governed by some laws. Discipline is needed for the happiness and welfare of all. It puts some checks on our freedom. If everybody did what he wanted, there would be complete disorder in the world. Without discipline, no civilized life is possible. Discipline is very necessary for the strength of an individual as well as of a nation. It helps in personal and national growth as well as prosperity. No work of progress is possible in the absence of discipline. Any house without discipline will surely go to the dogs. The head of a family won’t be able to run his family if its members don’t maintain discipline. The members of an assembly must observe discipline if they are to do any good job. In fact, discipline is necessary in every field of our society. Otherwise, there is bound to be confusion, disorder and chaos.
(For Practice)
Write a speech on the topic, ‘Need of Discipline Among Students’ in 150-200 words. 
15. An inter-school competition on the topic ‘Drug Addiction’ is being held by D.I.E.T. Srinagar. Taking help from the clues given in the box, write the essay on the given topic.
Drug addiction …………….. a great menace………………. came into being about 15-20 years ago …………….. college students ………………… addicted to heroin and LSD and other drugs as smack ……………….. steal, borrow money ……………….. they become parasites and burdens on families and society …………………. de-addiction the prime need …………………. a continued watch required ……………… .
Ans.                                                                           Drug Addiction
Drug addiction is a great menace. It came into being about 15-20 years ago. It is being very common among our college students. Perhaps the youth find this life too burdensome. As an escape from it, they take to drugs such as heroin, LSD and smack, etc. To fulfil their this need, they steal and borrow money. They become parasites and burdens on their families and society. Our purposeless system of education is also one of the big causes. When the youth fail to get any employment, they get frustrated and take to drugs. Drug addiction has become a big social problem. We often complain that our youth are going wrong. But we hardly do anything to understand them. Sometines parents themselves become the cause of it. They are either too strict or have no time for their children. The youth feel neglected and take to drugs. The best way to keep our youth away from drugs is to use their energies in constructive ways. An employment-based educational system should be evolved. Be20 sides, de-addiction centres should be opened where they are kept under conestant watch and treated.
Speech drafted by –
Yash Saini
Class X-A
16. Aamina, student of 10th class has to take part in a speech competition on the topic ‘Newspaper Reading’. Write a speech on the given topic in about 150-200 words. 
Dear Friends
bo Newspapers have an important place in our life. They are the mirrors of the world. They keep us informed of all that is happening in the world around us. They are, in fact, encyclopaedias of knowledge with a new edition every morning. They cater to the needs and facts of all types of people. Everyone can find something of their interest in newspapers and increase his / her general knowledge. They help to keep our knowledge up-to-date and thus fill us with (à confidence. Newspapers guard our rights. They keep a check on the government. They bring to light the wrong policies of the government. Newspapers serve a social purpose also. They educate us against social evils. Thus, they help in reforming society. Newspapers help job-seekers also. They help parents in finding suitable matches for their sons and daughters. Newspapers have become a part and parcel of modern life. We can’t think of a world without newspapers. One who begins the day with newspaper reading, gets all the knowledge that one should have for that day’s fresh start.
Thank you
Speech drafted by –
Class X-C
17. Write a brief article on the ‘Uses of Internet’. The hint words are given below : 
◆ Network of computers
◆ World Wide Communication
◆ E-Mail
◆ YouTube
◆ WhatsApp
◆ Online Classes in Covid-19
◆ Students’ urge
◆ Learn from internet
◆ Virtual classroom
Today we live in a world that is enveloped by communication technology. We have the Internet and the cell phones. They have become a central force that fuels the rhythm of daily life. Today, more and more youths use the Internet and they log on to it for all sorts of information. They play games on the Internet, get news, shop online and get health information. Apart from these elementary uses, the Internet can also be used to boost the national progress and to promote international understanding. The Internet can help to know and understand the problems faced by the country. We can then communicate with others through the Internet and put in united efforts to solve those problems. The Internet has proved very helpful during the lockdowns when the pandemic Covid-19 hit the world. It helped the students by providing them online classes. Through online teaching, the Internet can also help in eradicating illiteracy which is the greatest block in the progress of any nation. The Internet is the fastest, the easiest and the cheapest medium of instruction and can play a very important role in the economic prosperity of the country. And without having to travel to other countries, we can remain in contact with anyone, anywhere, any time in the world. We can communicate with them, know their problems, let them know our problems and thus dispel all misunderstanding and doubts about each other. In short, we can say that the Internet can help the youth to make this world a well-knit, peaceful family, living in complete harmony.
18. You are Mazia Jan of 10th Class. You have to speak on the Topic ‘Effects of Noise Pollution’. Prepare a speech on the said topic in about 250 words : 
Taking help from the below given points :
Dumping of highly unpleasant ………………. sounds-leads to noise pollution ……………..affects hearing system …………….. loss of memory ………….. affects ear drum …………….. blood pressure …………….. leads to make one irritated ……………. short tempered ……………… affects digestive system ……………… students badly affected.
Ans.                                                                  Effects of Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is the biggest problem facing the modern man. All advancement becomes useless if man does not get a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Highly unpleasant sounds lead to noise pollution. It is mainly caused by loudspeakers, automobiles and machines running in factories. The noise of loudspeakers is very jarring and harmful. The automobiles running on the roads are also a great cause of noise as well as air pollution. The truck drivers frequently use pressure horns, the sound of which is quite deafening. Machinery and generators are other big causes of noise pollution. Noise pollution is very harmful to human beings. It has a very serious impact on central nervous system. It affects hearing system. It can also cause deafness. It can also cause loss of memory. It affects our ear drum. Due to noise pollution our blood pressure rises all of a sudden, Noise pollution makes man irritated and he loses his temper over trifles. Noise pollution also had bad impact on tary our digestive system. Students are the worst sufferers of noise pollution during the days of examination. They can’t concentrate on their studies and can’t prepare for exams. Noise pollution needs to be checked as much as air or water pollution. It is as harmful as the pollution of air and water. The government should take effective steps to control all kinds of pollution.
19. You are a conscious citizen of J & K. You are worried about adverse effects of climatic change. Write an essay in about 250 words highlighting the ways and means to minimise the adverse effects of climatic change on Jammu and Kashmir State. 
Ans.                                              Effects of Climatic Change on Jammu & Kashmir
Kashmir known as ‘Paradise on Earth’ is famous for its rich cultural heritage. Its snowclad mountains, wild animal sanctuaries and rich flora and fauna attract the tourists from all over the world. The mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in fact play a key role in supporting its economy. For their livelihood, the people of Jammu and Kashmir depend on agriculture, forestery and tourism. And all these are climate sensitive sectors.
But it is a sad fact that due to global-warming, climatic change is causing adverse effects on Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir has been experiencing very hot weather and dry spells specifically in the month of June. With the climate pie change the rainfall and even wind patterns are likely to shift. The shifting of the he rainfall season could have adverse effect on the agriculture. There would tebe water shortage in the required season.
Downward trend is reported in rainfall at the rate of 2.0 to 8.4 mm per year in rabi season across the Jammu region. In Kashmir region the situation is even worse. In 2011 a distinct shift in precipitation from snow to rain is reported. Glaciers are considered among the most sensitive indicators of climate change. The warming of the region has severely impacted glacier formation.
To avoid such adverse consequences of climatic change and to pereserve the present state of climate, we must develop a clear strategy. The problem of climate change is a scientific problem and a scientific solution has to be found to it. But the consequences of this problem affect both our society and our economy. Thus the scientific problem of climate change becomes a socioeconomic problem also. Therefore to control, reduce or prevent emission of greenhouse gases in all relevant sectors, including water, energy, transport industry, agriculture, forestry etc., some specific practices should be applied. Financial assistance should also be ensured to implement the plan. Estimates must be made for several decades ahead of the probable state of agriculture, water supplies and industry. Only then can we find an effective solution to the problem of climatic change.
20. You are ‘Nazish’ a student of Class 10th and has to take part in a speech competition on the topic ‘Internet as The Need of the Hour’ which can be used for achieving National Progress and for promoting international understanding. Write a speech on the given topic in about 250 words. 
Dear Friends
response Internet, commonly known as the Net, is a network which connects millions of computers in the world. A network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together. Using the Internet, innumerable things can be done by a mere click. Communicating with people who live far away from us used to be a daunting task earlier, but the Internet has made it extremely easy and the is almost instantaneous. Easy communication is the most important gift the Internet has given to the common man. Research in any field has been made immensely easy by the Internet. All sorts of banking facilities can also be made use of through the Internet. Financial transactions can be made without having to go anywhere. Applications for jobs can be sent through the Internet. The Internet is not only a source of knowledge and information, but also a good source of all kinds of entertainment. In short, the Internet which is a great need of the hour is an invaluable modern-day asset.
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21. You are Amaan of Hr. Sec. School, Bathandi, Jammu. You have to take part in a speech competition on the topic ‘Mobile Phone-A boon or ban’. Write a speech in about 200-250 words taking help from the following points: 
Scientific inventions and discoveries are very useful — mobile one of these — better communication — useful information — knowledge explosion — door to the world knowledge — judicious use — results in achievements — misuse — many drawbacks — affects one’s eyesight — wastage of time — children lose interest in studies — parents to curb this tendency — schools can play leading role.
Ans.                                                         MOBILE PHONE – A BOON OR A BAN
Dear Friends
Scientific inventions and discoveries are of great use in our life. Mobile phone is one of them. It has brought about a revolution in the field of communication. If judiciously used, it is one of the biggest blessings of modern science. It is a source of useful information. It is a form of knowledge explosion. It is a door to the world of knowledge. It provides better communication. Now any place or person is only a number away from us. We can get in touch with any person we like, wherever the other person may be. And if there is no response from the other end, we can even send an SMS. Thus the mobile phone has really brought about a revolution in our lifestyle. But as they say, every coin has two sides. It is in our own hands how we use this blessing. We can make of it a boon or a bane. The judicious use of mobile phone results in achievements. But if it is misused it can prove to be a curse. This great invention of modern science has many drawbacks also. Its constant use badly affects the eye-sight of the users. It is also a sheer wastage of time, if the children keep their mobiles glued to their ears all the time. Thus the children not only lose their interest in studies 206989 but also endanger their health. Recent researches have shown that mobiles give out a radiation that can cause cancer. So the parents specifically need to curb this tendency of their children. Schools can also play a leading role in it by completely banning the use of mobiles in the school.
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