JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Possessives 

JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Possessives

JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Possessives

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar

Jammu & Kashmir State Board class 9th English Grammar

J&K State Board class 9 English Grammar

1. The possessive case of a noun is usually formed by adding ‘s (which is called apostrophe s) to the noun. 
But in some cases, only the apostrophe (‘) is used, and the letter s is omitted.
2. Remember the following rules:
(1) ‘s is used with singular nouns and plural nouns not ending in s :
a man’s job men’s work            the people ‘s choice.
a woman’s love                         the driver’ s seat
the butcher’s shop                    the horse’s mouth
a child’s voice                            the bull’s horns
the children’s room                   India, s
(2) A simple apostrophe (‘) is used with plural nouns ending in s :
a girls’ school                          the Malhotras’ car
the students’ hostel                the sparrows’ nest
(3) Classical nouns or less usual names ending in s usually take only the de apostrophe :
Pythagoras’ Theorem              Archimedes’ Law ridoyi
Sophocles’ plays during          Socrates’ followers
(4) Other names ending in s can take’s or the apostrophe alone
Mr. Jones’s car                  (or Mr. Jones’ car)
Yeats’s poems.                  (or Yeats’ poems)
(5) With compounds, the last word takes the ‘s:
 my brother-in-law’s house       the school teacher’s job
(6) With names consisting of several words, the last word takes ‘s:
Henry the Eighth’s wives      the Prince of Wales’s helicopter
(7) Compounds denoting one idea are treated as single words:
Manu and Misha’s quarrel
but Henry’s and Herbert’s books
or Henry’s book and Herbert’s
(8) ‘s can also be used after initials :
the PM’s secretary    the MP’s briefcase
the VIP’s escort        the CM’s car
3. Note the difference between Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns :
Possessive Adjectives my our your his her their
Possessive Pronouns  mine ours yours his hers theirs
4. Possessive Adjectives refer to the possessor of a thing. Therefore, they are always followed by a noun.
my gloves             your bag         her frocks
our house             his brother      their garden
5. Possessive Pronouns are used in place of possessive adjectives + nouns.
Possessive Adjectives  Possessive Pronouns 
This is our room. This (room) is ours.
This is their car. This (car) is theirs.
you are using my pen. you are using mine.
where is your pen ? where is yours.
There apostrophe (‘) is not used with the following pronouns :
 ours          yours          hers        its        theirs
 Students should guard against this common mistake.
Incorrect  Correct
your ‘s faithfully yours faithfully
it’s tail its tail
a brother of her ‘s a brothers of hers
6. The expressions of mine, of hers, etc. mean ‘one of my ; ‘one of her; etc.
a brother of hers     =    one of her brothers
a friend of mine      =    one of my friends
a factory of theirs   =     one of their factories

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