JKBOSE 9th Class English Solutions chapter –  6 THE TEMPEST – I & II

JKBOSE 9th Class English Solutions chapter –  6 THE TEMPEST – I & II

JKBOSE 9th Class English Solutions chapter –  6 THE TEMPEST – I & II

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Solutions

Jammu & Kashmir State Board class 9th English Solutions

J&K State Board class 9 English Solutions

Prospero was the Duke of Milan. He spent all his time in the study of magic. So he left the state affairs to the care of his brother, Antonio. After some time, Antonio grew greedy for power. He joined the King of Naples and plotted against Prospero.
One dark night, Prospero was forced out of his palace. He and his little daughter, Miranda, were put in an old ship. Luckily, the ship floated to a lonely island. Prospero and his little daughter started living on this island. There was a spirit named Ariel on this island. Prospero freed him from the heart of a tree. So, Ariel became Prospero’s servant. He carried out all his orders. Twelve years passed in this way.
Once Antonio came sailing in a ship near this island. The King of Naples and his son were also with him. The name of the king’s son was Ferdinand. Prospero ordered Ariel to raise a storm in the sea. Ariel obeyed his master’s command. There was a terrible storm in the sea. The ship was caught in it. Ferdinand jumped into the sea. He swam to the island. The ship drifted to another part of the island.
Ariel went near Ferdinand. He sang a sweet song. Ferdinand followed the sweet sound of Ariel’s song. He led Ferdinand to a place where Miranda was sitting. The two fell in love at first sight.
Prospero gave Ferdinand the task of piling up some heavy logs. He wanted to test Ferdinand’s love for Miranda. Ferdinand came out successful. Prospero was very happy. He agreed to give Miranda’s hand to Ferdinand.
प्रासपरो मिलन नामक प्रदेश का ड्यूक था । वह अपना सारा समय जादू के अध्ययन में व्यतीत किया करता था। इसलिए उसने राज्य के काम अपने भाई एन्टोनियो की देख-रेख में छोड़ रखे थे। कुछ समय पश्चात् एन्टोनियो सत्ता के लिए लालची हो गया। उसने नेपल्ज़ के राजा के साथ सांठ-गांठ कर ली तथा प्रासपरो के विरुद्ध एक षड्यंत्र रच लिया।
एक अन्धेरी रात को प्रासपरो को ज़बरदस्ती उसके महल से बाहर निकाल दिया गया। उसे तथा उसकी नन्हीं बेटी मिरांडा को एक पुराने जहाज़ में डाल दिया गया। सौभाग्यवश जहाज़ तैरता हुआ एक सुनसान द्वीप पर जा पहुंचा।
प्रासपरो तथा उसकी छोटी पुत्री इस द्वीप पर रहने लगे। इस द्वीप में एरियल नामक एक प्रेत रहता था। प्रासपरो ने उसे एक पेड़ के भीतर से मुक्त करवा दिया। इसलिए एरियल प्रासपरो का नौकर बन गया। वह उसके सभी आदेशों का पालन करने लगा। इस प्रकार बारह वर्ष बीत गए।
एक बार एन्टोनियो एक जहाज में सवार होकर इस द्वीप के समीप आया । नेपल्ज़ का राजा तथा उसका पुत्र भी उसके साथ थे। राजा के पुत्र का नाम फरडीनैंड था। प्रासपरो ने एरियल को समुद्र में एक तूफान पैदा करने का आदेश दिया। एरियल ने अपने मालिक के आदेश का पालन किया । समुद्र में एक भयानक तूफान उठ खड़ा हुआ। जहाज इस तूफान में घिर गया। फरडीनैंड समुद्र में कूद पड़ा। वह तैर कर द्वीप तक जा पहुंचा। जहाज भटकता हुआ द्वीप के दूसरे हिस्से में जा पहुँचा।
एरियल फरडीनैंड के समीप चला गया। वह मधुर गीत गाने लगा। फरडीनैंड ने एरियल के गीत की मधुर आवाज का पीछा किया। वह फरडीनैंड को उस जगह पर ले गया जहां मिरांडा बैठी हुई थी। वे दोनों पहली ही नज़र में प्रेम करने लगे।
प्रासपरो ने फरडीनैंड को लकड़ी के कुछ भारी लट्ठों को ढेरों में लगाने का काम दिया । वह मिरांडा के प्रति फरडीनैंड के प्यार की परीक्षा लेना चाहता था। फरडीनैंड इसमें सफल रहा। प्रासपरो बहुत प्रसन्न हुआ। वह मिरांडा का हाथ फरडीनैंड को देने के लिए सहमत हो गया।
(Page 37-38) Prospero had another servant, a spirit named Ariel, whom he commanded by means of his magic. Before Prospero’s arrival there lived on the island a witch named Sycorax; the ugly Caliban was her son. She imprisoned Ariel in the heart of a pine tree and she died without releasing him. Prospero, on his arrival on the island, found him and released him; Ariel became Prospero’s faithful servant and carried out his master’s wishes. At Prospero’s command he would raise storms in the sea or make thunder in the air.
One day there arose a terrible storm in the sea. As Miranda looked out, she saw a fine ship struggling in the midst of the storm.
“O father,” she said, “if you have, by your power, raised this tempest, please put an end to it. What a fine ship is there, struggling in the cruel waves! The cries of the drowning sailors seem to knock against my very heart.”
1. Who was Ariel ?
2. How did Prospero help Ariel ?
3. Who lived on the island before Prospero’s arrival ?
4. Sycorax was Caliban’s ……….        (mother/master/servant)
5. Caliban was imprisoned in a pine tree. (True/False)
6. Write a word from the passage which means ‘middle’.
1. Ariel was a spirit.
2. Ariel was imprisoned in the heart of a pine tree by a witch. Prospero released him by the power of his magic.
3. A witch named Sycorax lived on the island before Prospero’s arrival there.
4. mother.
5. False.
6. midst.
(Page 38) Now for the first time Prospero told Miranda the strange story of her life. “Twelve years ago,” he said, “I was the Duke of Milan. Knowledge was my chief aim in life; wealth and worldly possessions hardly mattered to me. Leaving the management of state affairs to my brother Antonio, whose loyalty I never doubted, I devoted all my time to secret studies. Meanwhile he grew greedy for power and possessions; he bribed my ministers and plotted against me with my enemy, the King of Naples.’
(A) (i) What was Prospero twelve years before ?
(ii) What was his chief aim in life ?
(iii) What things hardly mattered to him ?
(B) Choose the most appropriate options:
(i) The word ‘possessions’ means……… .
(a) belongings (b) knowledge (c) power (d) money.
(ii) Wordly possessions had no attraction for ………. .
(a) Antonio (b) Miranda (c) Duke of Milan (d) Prospero.
(iii) The brother of the Duke of Milan, Antonio, …………. .
(a) grew greedy (b) bribed the ministers (c) plotted aganist the Duke (d) all of these three.
(C) To whose care did the Duke leave the affairs of the state and why ?
(A) (i) In those days, he used to be the Duke of Milan.
(ii) His chief aim in life was to acquire knowledge.
(iii) Wealth and worldly possessions hardly mattered to him.
(B) (i) (a) belongings (ii) (d) Prospero (iii) (d) all of these three.
(C) He left them to be cared for by his brother, Antonio, because he himself was more interested in acquiring knowledge.
(Page 38-39) “Come, my Ariel, come,” said Prospero, waving his magic wand. Ariel appeared.
“Here I am, master,” he said. “I am ready to go wherever you ask me to go, and to do whatever you want.”
“Have you performed the task I gave you?”
“Yes, master, I have done everything just as you commanded me. I attacked the ship with storm, fire and thunder, till the sailors gave up in despair. Not a single person in the ship kept his head. The King’s son, Ferdinand, leapt into the sea. Now he is sitting sadly in a corner of the island, thinking that his father is drowned.”
1. Why did Prospero wave his magic wand ?
2. What did Ariel say he was ready for ?
3. How did Ariel attack the ship ?
4. What did the sailors do ?
5. Who was Ferdinand? Why was he sad?
6. Which word in the passage means jumped’ ?
1. He waved his magic wand in order to call Ariel.
2. He said he was ready to do whatever his master wanted him to do.
3. He attacked the ship with storm, fire and thunder.
4. The sailors gave up in despair.
5. Ferdinand was the King’s son. He was sad because he thought his father was drowned.
6. leapt = jumped.
(Page 42) Ferdinand was a handsome young man. Seeing Miranda, Ferdinand thought that she was the goddess of this island of wonders, where he had just heard Ariel’s strange-sounding song. He fell on his knees and began to speak to 200 20 her as to a goddess. You can imagine his surprise when he heard her say sweetly in his own language, “Sir, I am no goddess, but a simple girl.”
(A) (i) What did Ferdinand think on seeing Miranda ?
(ii) What song did he hear ?
(iii) What did Ferdinand do while speaking to Miranda ?
(iv) What filled him with surprise when Miranda spoke to him ?
(B) The word ‘handsome’ is used as :
(i) noun                 (ii) adjective
(iii) adverb           (iv) none of these three.
(C) Choose the most appropriate option : Ferdinand fell on his knees because …….
(i) he was afraid of Miranda
(ii) he took Miranda for a goddess
(iii) he fell in love with Miranda
(iv) none of these three.
(A) (i) He thought that she was the the goddess of that island of wonders.
(ii) He heard Ariel’s strange-sounding song.
(iii) He fell on knees while speaking to Miranda.
(iv) Hearing Miranda speak in his own language, Ferdinand was filled with surprise.
(B) (ii) adjective.
(C) (ii) he took Miranda for a goddess.
(Page 42) “Please do not treat him like that, Father. He cannot be a spy. He does not look like one.”
“Silence,” said Prospero. “Are you trying to teach me? Perhaps you think he is the most beautiful person on earth, because you have seen only Caliban and me. Compared to Caliban he seems handsome enough, but compared to other men he is a Caliban !”
“Then my desires are most humble,” replied Miranda. “I do not wish to handsomer person.”
1. ‘He cannot be a spy.’ Who says this and to whom ?
2. Who was Caliban ?
3. Who does Prospero compare Caliban with ?
4. Which sentence shows that Miranda loved the young man ?
5. Do you think Prospero was serious in what he said ?
6. Which word in the passage means ‘modest’ ?
1. Miranda says this to her father, Prospero.
2. He was a servant of Prospero. He looked more like a fish than man.
3. He compares Caliban with Ferdinand.
4. She says, “I do not wish to see a handsomer person.”
5. No, he was only pretending to be angry.
6. humble = modest.
(Page 44) Prospero took the party into his cave and showed them Ferdinand
and Miranda, who were happily playing chess.
“O wonder !” said Miranda when she saw so many people together. How many wonderful people there are here! How beautiful mankind is !” Gonzalo, the kind old man, who had helped Prospero, wept for joy to see this scene of reconciliation. Prospero broke his magic wand and buried his books of magic because he had no further use for them. He set Ariel free as he had promised.
(i) What were Ferdinand and Miranda doing ?
(ii) Who was Gonzalo ?
(iii) How did Gonzalo react to the whole scene ?
(iv) Why did Prospero bury his books of magic ?
(B) The magic wand was ………. (broken/ buried) by Prospero.
(C) The word ‘happily’ is used as :
(i) adjective (ii) noun (iii) adverb.
(A) (i) They were happily playing chess.
(ii) Gonzalo was a kind old man. He had helped Prospero.
(iii) He wept for joy to see the whole scene.
(iv) Now he had no use for the books of magic. So he buried them.
(B) broken.
(C) (iii) adverb.
Thinking About the Text
Q. 1. Who was Ariel, and how did he come to be Prospero’s servant ? 
Ans.— Ariel was a spirit. A witch named Sycorax had imprisoned him in the heart of a tree. The witch died without releasing him. When Prospero came to the island, he released him by the power of his magic. Ariel became Prospero’s faithful servant.
Q. 2. Ans. Who was Caliban ? What did he look like ?
Ans.— Caliban was the son of a witch named Sycorax. He looked more like a fish than a man.
Q. 3. What did Miranda ask Prospero to do when she saw the ship caught in the tempest ?
Ans.— Miranda thought that it was her father who had raised the tempest. She asked him to end the tempest because she could not bear the cries of the drowning sailors.
Q. 4. What did Prospero say he raised the tempest for ?
Ans.— Prospero said that he had raised the tempest for the sake of Miranda herself. But he didn’t explain plainly how Miranda was to benefit from the tempest.
Q. 5. Why did Prospero leave the management of state affairs to Antonio ?
Ans.— Prospero’s chief aim in life was knowledge. Wealth and other worldly things didn’t matter to him. So he left the management of state affairs to his brother, Antonio.
Q. 6. Who helped Antonio to seize the throne ?
Ans.— The King of Naples was Prospero’s enemy. Antonio took his help. He had bribed Prospero’s ministers also. All of them helped him.
Q. 7. What did Antonio’s soldiers do ?
Ans.— The soldiers took Prospero out of his palace on a dark night. His little daughter, Miranda, was also with him, crying in his arms. The soldiers put them in an old and damaged ship. They left the two to die at the sea.
Q. 8. How did old Gonzalo help Prospero ?
Ans.— Gonzalo was a kind old lord. He secretly stored the ship with food, water and clothes. He also put in the ship some books, which Prospero valued more than his dukedom.
Q. 9. Who were in the ship that was caught in the tempest ? 
Ans.— Antonio, his son Ferdinand, the King of Naples and all other enemies of Prospero were in the ship at that time.
Q. 10. What did Ariel remind Prospero of, when Prospero mentioned more work ?
Ans.— He reminded Prospero of his promise to free him after the task assigned to him had been done.
Q. 1. What did Miranda at first think Ferdinand was and why ? Was Ferdinand and Miranda’s love a love at first sight ? 
Ans.— She thought it was a spirit because Ferdinand had a noble and beautiful appearance. So far she had not known what a young man looked like. The love between Ferdinand and Miranda was a love at first sight.
Q. 2. Why did Prospero pretend to think that Ferdinand was a spy ?
Ans.— Prospero wanted to test if Ferdinand really loved Miranda truly. That was why he pretended to think that Ferdinand was a spy and made him a prisoner.
Q. 3.What was the task that Prospero gave Ferdinand ? 
Ans.— Prospero gave Ferdinand the task of piling up heavy logs.
Q. 4. What made Ferdinand’s labour seem light ?
Ans.— Miranda’s presence made Ferdinand’s task seem light.
Q. 5. What were the king and his party doing in the meantime ? 
Ans.— They were wandering about on the island. At last, tired and hungry, they sat down to rest.
Q. 6. Why were they amazed to see Prospero ?  
Ans.— They were amazed to see Prospero because they believed him to have been drowned in the sea long before.
Q. 7. Prospero told the king that he had lost his daughter in the tempest and in a sense he was right. Can you say in what sense ? 
Ans.— It was in the sense that Miranda had been lost in the tempest of her love for Ferdinand. It was a tempest from which there could be no escape.
Q. 8. Why did Prospero give up his magic powers ?
Ans.— He gave up his magic powers because he had no further use of them.
Q. 9. What was Ariel’s last service to his master ? 
Ans.— He helped with favourable winds when Prospero and others of his party left in a ship for Naples.
Language Work
• Recycling can be defined ……………. the air by 35 kg.
Complete the following:
1. Using the materials repeatedly in different forms is called recycling.
2. Trees are saved by recycling waste paper.
3. Recycling also saves energy and raw materials.
4. Presence of any undesirable or contaminated substance in the environment is called waste.
5. Half a can of petrol can be saved by reusing an aluminium can.
• Write the synonyms of the following and make sentences of your own : 
1. (a) scarce — Details of the accident are scarce.
    (b) rare — This species is extremely rare.
2. (a) expensive — I can’t afford this dress, it is too expensive.
    (b) costly — Buying new furniture may prove too costly.
3. (a) save — Doctors were unable to save her life.
    (b) protect — They huddled together to protect themselves from the
4. (a) pose — The delegates posed for a group photograph.
    (b) act — I decided to act dumb. mag
5. (a) produce — Punjab produces over 50% of the country’s wheat.
    (b) grow — Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight.
• Use the following phrases and idioms in sentences of your own :
1. For one’s sake : You should help my friend for my sake.
2. In favour of : I am not in favour of students carrying mobiles to their classes.
3. In the midst of  : He suddenly stopped in the midst of his speech and asked for water.
4. Keep one’s head : It is difficult to keep your head when somebody is being rude to you.
5. On one’s hand : A great responsibility has fallen on his hand after the death of his father.
6. Remind of : His face reminds me of a friend of mine who lives in England.
● Make nouns of the following adjectives and verbs :
Ans.— loyal                 loyalty
           favour               favour
           perform            performance
           struggle            struggle
           magical             magician
           plot                   plot / plotter
● Find from the lesson words which mean the following :
(Section  I) 
1. without companions, a long way from men and life — lonely 
2. nothing more than; only — mere 
3. cause to rise or appear; bring about — raise 
4. set free — released
(Section II)
1. try hard against difficulties; fight — struggle  
2. (a phrase meaning) in the middle part of — in the midst of 
3. be destroyed; lose life — perish 
4. thing that one owns — possession 
5. during that time — meanwhile 
6. be bold or brave enough (to do something) — dare 
7. spoiled or broken; so made less useful — damaged
(Section III)
1. cause to remember; bring to the mind — remind 
2. that is to say; the same as — just as.
Find from the lesson words or phrases which mean the following:
(Section I)
1. (a phrase meaning) to; for the purpose —  in order to 
2. a person who tries to get secret information about an enemy country — spy
3. examine two things side by side; see how they are different or like each other — compare 
(Section II)
1. (a phrase meaning) meanwhile — in the meantime 
2. any more; to a greater distance — at a distance 
3. a hard test — trial
4. (an adjective meaning) having done wrong; having done a crime or a sin — guilty
5. bad; wicked; sinful — evil
6. an action (of any kind); a thing that is done — deed 
7. an action such as murder or stealing; a very bad action — crime 
8. be sorry for something one has done — repent
(Section III) 
1. destruction of ship by storm, etc. — shipwreck
2. visible — that can be seen. 
• Give the antonyms of :
1. good fortune — misfortune
2. far                  —       near
3. innocent        —       guilty
4. evil                 —       noble
5. loss                —       gain
6. coward          —       brave
7. perish            —       survive
8. remember     —       forget
9. loyal             —        disloyal
• Give the noun forms of the following and use them in sentences of your own : 
1. lose — loss: He has suffered a big loss in his business.
2. guilty — guilt: He confessed his guilt and I forgave him.
3. reconcile — reconciliation There should be reconciliation between development and environment.
4. try — trial: You can’t imprison anyone without trial.
5. amaze — amazement: To my amazement, she has proved a very good singer,
6. give — gift: He sent me a gift on my birthday,
7. imagine — imagination: It never came in my imagination that he would cheat me.
8. pretend — pretence: I make no pretence of my linguistic ability.
9. repent — repentance: A sincere repentance lightens the heart.
10. treat —  treatment: She is responding well to the treatment.
• Use the following phrases in sentences of your own :
1. At first sight : They fell in love at first sight.
2. In the meantime : You can read the newspaper and in the meantime, I’ll get ready.
3. In order to : You must work hard in order to get good marks.
4. In possession of : The gang was caught in possession of stolen goods.
5. In store : Only God knows what is in store for me.
6. To be shipwrecked : Gulliver was shipwrecked on a lonely island.
7. Hang upon : Now everything hangs upon your decision.
Writing Work 
● Write briefly how Antonio tried to get rid of Prospero and how Prospero escaped death.
Ans.— Antonio bribed some of Prospero’s ministers. The King of Naples was Prospero’s enemy. Antonio joined him and plotted against Prospero. One dark night, Prospero was taken out of his palace. His little daughter was with him, crying in his arms. The two were put in an old damaged ship and left on the sea to drown.
But there was a kind old lord named Gonzalo. He had secretly stored the ship with food, water and clothes. Driven by favourable winds, the ship reached a lonely island. Thus, Prospero and his little daughter escaped death.
● How did Prospero test Ferdinand ? How did Ferdinand stand the test ?
Ans.— Prospero set Ferdinand the task of piling up some heavy logs. It was a difficult and tiring work. But Ferdinand agreed to do it for Miranda’s sake. Miranda offered to help him. But he did not let her do it. Her very presence made the labour light for him. Prospero was watching all this from a distance. He was convinced that Ferdinand loved Miranda truly. Thus Ferdinand passed the test gloriously.
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