KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Short Essay Writing

KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Short Essay Writing

JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition Short Essay Writing

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition

Jammu & Kashmir State Board Class 9 English Composition

J&K State Board class 9 English Composition

(1) The Person I Like Most
I have many friends but I love Mohan most. We have been together ever since our childhood. I know him thoroughly. He is of my age. He comes of a noble family. He lives next door to me. His father is a doctor. Mohan is my classmate. For the most part of the day, we remain together. We play and study together. All take us for real brothers. Mohan is the best boy in our class. He is hard-working and intelligent. He prepares his lessons daily. He takes keen interest in his studies. He is very punctual and regular. All the teachers speak highly of him.
He is a very good sportsman also. He is a member of the hockey eleven of our college. He puts his heart and soul in the game. He knows that one can have a sound mind only in a sound body. He is one of those rare students who are good both at studies and games also.
I take pride in having such a nice friend. He is really a gem. He is a promising young boy. He has all the qualities of head and heart. I am sure he will make his mark in life. I like Mohan most not because he is my friend, but also because he is an ideal person. I have learnt much from his life. He is my friend, philosopher and guide.
(2) My Hobby
Reading books is my hobby. I read only good and useful books. I am specially fond of reading the biographies and autobiographies of great men. I get instruction as well as entertainment from the reading of books. I can enjoy the company of great writers by reading their works. Thus the reading of books helps me to learn the good and noble things of life.
Good books are the best friends. They contain the wisdom of ages. They give us an endless store of knowledge. We can learn much from them. A well-read person is held in high respect. He can impress others by his knowledge and understanding. He has better chances to rise in life.
Reading books is best of all the hobbies. It is not very expensive. We can borrow books from our friends. We can also get them from libraries. We can enjoy reading books at any period of our life. I love my hobby of reading books. My fondness for it goes on increasing day by day.
(3) My Favourite Actor
Amitabh Bachchan is my favourite actor. He belongs to a well-educated family. His father Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan was an English professor as well as a famous Hindi poet. Amitabh struggled hard to become an actor. And when once he got the chance to act in movies, he proved to be comparable to none of his contemporaries. He mostly did the roles of a man who stood against injustice. Due to his roles of a fighter against injustice, he came to be called ‘angry young man’. Some of his movies turned out to be milestones in the history of Hindi cinema. Who can forget his roles in Sholey, Anand, Muqqadder Ka Sikandar, etc. He became the second superstar of
Bollywood. He hasn’t got any training from any acting school, still he surpasses all other actors in acting. He is also called the Millennium Star. At present, even at 75, he is busy working in movies. May he live long !
(4) Global Warming
Global warming means the increse of the Earth’s temperature. It is caused due to what is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. Gases like carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels trap the earth’s heat that would otherwise escape from the earth.
Global warming is now posing a major threat to all living things on the earth. It is accelerating the melting of glaciers and ice sheets on the poles. As a result, the sea levels are rising and many islands are on the verge of being lost in the seas for ever.
The weather patterns are changing and the crops fail year after year due to the uncertainties of weather. Some places are becoming dryer and facing worst periods of drought. Others have unprecedented incessant rains and face the havoc of floods time and again. If this state of global warming is allowed to continue, we can well imagine what will happen of this earth where we live today. It will become an endless desert with no trace of life anywhere on it.
(5) Pollution Or Air Pollution
Pollution is the biggest problem facing the modern man today. All advancement becomes useless if man does not get the very basic necessity of life, i.e. fresh and pure air. And only trees can do this service to man. Unluckily man, in his ignorance, has so far been destroying his very benefactors and thus digging his own grave.
There was a time when 50% of the Indian soil was covered with forests. But man, in his greed, has reduced it to a mere 8% now. Only recently, our government became aware of the gravity of this problem. Various steps have been taken to keep the environment free from pollution. More attention is being paid to afforestation. The unauthorised felling of trees is being checked. Scientists are developing methods to minimise the effect of smoke let out by our autos and chimneys.
In fact, environmental awareness is a social necessity. It is not only the duty of the government, but also a social responsibility of each and every individual to help in keeping the environment free from pollution. It is a service not only to oneself but also to the entire humanity.
(6) Value of Games and Sports
Games and sports are a very necessary part of life. They keep a man healthy. They remove the monotony of life. They give entertainment to our weary minds. They help in keeping the machine of life in good order.
Games and sports give us not only physical exercise but mental training also. They train both our body and mind. Physically we become healthy; mentally we become disciplined. We become healthy both in our body and mind. A player has to follow the rules of the game and sports. In the playground he acts like a disciplined soldier. This sense of discipline becomes a part of his character.
Games and sports develop sportsmanship. It means that a player has no bitterness in his heart. He plays the game only for the joy of it. An opponent is not an enemy to him. He does not gloat over his victory; nor does he sorrow over his defeat. He fights with a spirit of healthy competition.
But excess of anything is bad. A student should not make games and sports the chief interest of his life. His studies should not suffer due to his interest in games and sports. He should play the game and sports to keep good health and thereby to work harder at his books.
(7) Value of Newspapers Or Value of Reading Newspapers
Newspapers have an important place in the world today. They serve as a mouthpiece of the public. They are a link between the people and their government. The newspapers keep us in touch with the latest changes and developments. They bring us news from all corners of the world.
Newspapers have a literary value also. They contain articles written by learned persons. The newspapers serve a social function also. They arouse us against social evils like drinking, gambling and dowry system. Newspapers arouse national consciousness. When some crisis overtakes the country, newspapers can play a very important role. They can help in bringing about national integration.
To sum up, we can say that newspapers are the eyes and ears of the world. We come to know through them what is happening around us. Apart from giving valuable reports, they reflect public opinion also. They bring to light the errors and wrong policies of the government. The government should give full freedom to the press. But it is the moral responsibility of the press not to misuse this freedom.
(8) Educative Value of Films
les Good films can be of great educative value. They tell us about men and manners. We come to know about different types of people, their customs and habits. We get a better understanding of human nature and character. Films make a man worldly wise and mentally smart. Good and educative films can prove a boon for society. The impact of cinema is more lasting than that of books. Thus cinema can serve as a powerful means of imparting education.
Films can help a great deal in bringing about social reforms. They can bring home to people the evils of dowry, drinking, gambling, caste system, illiteracy, etc. The effect of such films is quite visible now. People are now up against many social evils. Girls refuse to marry dowry-seekers. Cinema can enlighten the public mind by exposing social evils.
But it is a pity that our films have done more harm than good. Film producers have always an eye on profit-making. They produce cheap and dirty films. Young boys and girls try to copy what they see on the silver screen. They spoil their life and become a problem for the society.
(9) Value of Discipline in Life
Discipline is necessary in all walks of life. Any house without discipline will surely go to the dogs. A teacher can’t teach if his students don’t keep discipline in the class. The head of a family won’t be able to run his family if its members don’t maintain discipline.
The members of an assembly must observe discipline if they are to do any good job. No office can function without discipline. Even in a playground, the players have to obey the rules of the game. They have to play under discipline. In fact, discipline is necessary in every field of our society. Otherwise, there is bound to be confusion, disorder and chaos.
Discipline does not cut down individual freedom. In fact, it is the foundation of all freedom. It makes man truly free. It brings order in the society. Freedom loses all its charm and value in the absence of discipline. It is discipline which enables a nation to march on the way to progress.
It is a pity that the modern young man turns his nose up at discipline. This has led to deterioration in every walk of life. The ugly scenes of strike, stone-throwing, etc. have become a daily feature. Nobody takes his job seriously and sincerely.
Discipline is very necessary if we want to revive our ancient glory. It must be kept in mind that discipline can’t be enforced by law alone. It is a training of the mind. It has to come from within.
(10) Blessings of Science
Science has made man the master of this world. It has brought marvellous changes in man’s life. It has made our life easy and comfortable. It has, in fact, proved a blessing for man.
Science has helped to bring this world closer. Science has placed at man’s disposal quick and safe means of transport. Science has greatly reduced human suffering. Great progress has been made in the fields of medicine and surgery. Diseases, once thought fatal, can now be cured very easily.
Science has given us many articles of daily use. These articles have made our life easy and comfortable. Science has also helped to multiply our agricultural and industrial production. We can now produce in our fields and factories as much as we like.
But science has its dark side also. It has given man the powers fit for gods, but man does not know its proper use. He has invented dangerous weapons like the atom bomb. Science is a good servant but a dangerous master. Man should, therefore, not let it go off his hands. He should not use science for the destruction of humanity. make this world a better place to live in.
(11) Horrors of War
Wars are the result of lust for power and glorification. In olden days, war used to be the sport of kings. It was a game of the upper classes. The prizes in such wars were wealth and honour. But nowadays war has become an end in itself. It brings neither wealth nor honour. It can solve no problem. It only brings death and destruction.
Two world wars have been fought in the present age. They tell us how destructive modern wars can be. The use of bombs, tanks, guns and shells is a common thing in modern wars. They leave behind desolated fields, factories and towns. If there is a third world war, only God knows what would be left of us after the war.
War is not a natural calamity. It is not sent by God. It is man-made. So it is possible to avoid war. We should not go to war to solve our problems. No problem can be solved by war. The U.N.O. can play a major role in finding peaceful solutions to world-problems. It can bring warring nations round the table for discussion. War means death; peace means life. Let us learn to live in peace.
(12) Life in a Big City
Life in a big city is very fast, busy and devoid of peace. The atmosphere is noisy and suffocating. The roads and streets are crowded and unsafe.
Life in a big city is very costly. Rents and fares are very high. Modern cities are very crowded. Much time is wasted in going from one place to another. City people do not have any fellow-feeling. They are very selfish and self – centred. They have no peace of mind. They do not lead a contented life. Life in a big city is nothing but an endless race for money. People living there have no leisure. They become slaves to their daily routine. They lose all touch with the world of nature. They no longer remain good human beings. They become as unfeeling and soulless as the gadgets they remain surrounded with. I feel ill at ease whenever I visit some big city. Big cities have always been a dread to me.
(13) Importance of Computers
Computers have brought about a great change in our life. There is hardly any field of life in which computers are not used. From a simple calculator to a complicated space flight, computers have become an inseparable part. The field of computers is a field of rapid development. Computers not only work for us, they also think for us. It is difficult to imagine what role computers will play in our future life. They can already do many quite impossible and unimaginable things. The only thing left for them to do is to computerise human beings also. We can imagine a time when microchips will be inserted in the human brain and all thinking will then be done by these chips instead of the mind. It will become possible to give commands to all kinds of workers through remote control devices. In fact, the mind boggles at what computers will be able to do in our future life. Perhaps they will be able to take over all the functions of man and reduce the world to a world of robots only. And going by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, man will then become an extinct species on this planet.
(14) A Cricket Match
Last Sunday, our school played a cricket match against the Nehru Cricket Club. It was played on our school grounds. Mr. Chaman Lal and Mr. Dharam Vir acted as umpires. Our captain won the toss and decided to bat first. I, too, took part in this match. It was a one-innings match.
Our opening players made fifty runs. Then one of them was caught out. I went in to bat next. I scored fifty quick runs. Then I was bowled out. The next three players could add only ten runs. Our captain was out for a duck. Then Rajesh went in. He was a slogger! He scored two sixes and three fours. Our team scored 187 runs in all.
Now it was the turn of the Nehru Club. Their opening players played very well. They scored 60 runs. Then there was a change in bowling. Our spinners took two wickets quickly. A rot set in. Three more wickets fell one after the other. Their score was 90 for five wickets.
Their next player played very wedded 48 runs. We lost all hope of victory. But well. He pulled up the score to 130. Then he was caught out. The next three players our captain brought in a fast bowler. The last player was bowled out. We won the match by 9 runs. Our boys were mad with joy.

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