PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary One Word for Many and their use in Sentences

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary One Word for Many and their use in Sentences

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary One Word for Many and their use in Sentences

Fill in the blanks with the words given below.

1. The food at the hotel was barely …………….. .

2. The government plans to ……………… polio from our country.

3. The children reach …………. at the age of 13.

4. You ……………. ! Don’t eat so much.

5. The two friends shared a ………….. relationship.

6. He does not smoke or drink. He is a fitness ……….. .

7. She does not believe in God. She is an ………….. .

8. The birds from different countries were kept in the …………… .

9. Bones and nails become …………… in the old age.

10. The first arrivals at the ………… got the best seats.


1. edible, 2. eradicate, 3. adolescence, 4. glutton, 5. harmonious, 6. fanatic, 7. atheist, 8. aviary, 9. brittle, 10. concert.

One Word For Many

1. Something that can be heard – Audible
What he said was not audible.

2. Something written by an unknown person – Anonymous
I received an anonymous letter yesterday.

3. A written declaration made on oath in the presence of a magistrate or a government official – Affidavit
I submitted an affidavit as a proof of my date of birth.

4. A person who does not believe in God – Atheist
An atheist does not believe in God.

5. A government by one person or one party – Autocracy
Autocracy is not a popular form of government.

6. A word opposite in meaning – Antonym
The antonym of ‘good’ is ‘bad’.

7. A life story of a person written by himself – Autobiography
Gandhiji’s autobiography gives a true description of his life.

8. Medicine to counteract the effect of poison – Antidote
What is the antidote for the poison of the snake ?

9. A representative of a government in a foreign country: -Ambassador
Mr. S.R. Sharma is India’s ambassador in Pakistan.

10. A word or sentence the meaning of which is not clear. – Ambiguous
The minister’s replies were ambiguous.

11. Place for keeping birds – Aviary
This aviary contains almost all kinds of birds.

12. A place for the storage of weapons – Arsenal
Our neighbouring country is building up a big arsenal.

13. To increase the gravity of a situation – Aggravate
Your perpetual agruing with your father will certainly aggravate his rage.

14. The crime of setting things on fire – Arson
Terrorists caused arson on a large scale.

15. A list of things to be discussed at a meeting – Agenda
What is the agenda for the next meeting ?

16. A state of growth between boyhood and youth – Adolescence
Adolescence is an impressionable period of life.

17. A carriage for the sick and wounded – Ambulance
The injured man was taken in an ambulance.

18. Objects having life -Animate
Plants and trees are also animate things.

19. A state where no government exists – Anarchy
Unemployment can lead to anarchy.

20. A person liable to be called to account – Accountable
You are accountable for all your misdeeds.

21. An assembly of listeners – Audience
The audience heard Mr. Modi’s speech very attentively.

22. A person who plays a game or does a work only for pleasure – Amateur
Many amateurs also participated in this mission.

23. One who lives in a foreign country – Alien
An American is an alien in our country.

24. A government managed by state officials – Bureaucracy
Bureaucracy should be responsible to the public.

25. Marrying two wives or husbands – Bigamy
Bigamy is not approved in the Indian society.

26. A man who is not married – Bachelor
A bachelor is generally a carefree man.

27. A thing which can be broken easily – Brittle
Glass is hard but brittle

28. To speak ill of a person in his absence – Backbite
Gentlemen don’t indulge in backbiting.

29. A bunch of flowers -Bouquet
I presented her a bouquet on her birthday.

30. The science which deals with life – Biology
Biology is her favourite subject.

31. A girl just before or after her wedding day – Bride
The bride was wearing a red saree.

32. A boy just before or after his wedding day – Bridegroom
The bridegroom came riding a horse.

33. A person who believes everybody – Credulous
A credulous person easily believes what others say.

34. That which can be corrected – Corrigible
Certain defects are not corrigible.

35. A list of names of books – Catalogue
You should consult the library catalogue.

36. A period of one hundred years – Century
We are living in the twenty-first century.

37. A piece of machinery used for mathematical calculations – Calculator
A calculator helps us in making big calculations easily.

38. The peak point of a story or a plot – Climax
The climax of the film was its best part.

39. A place where the dead are buried – Cemetery
The Christians bury their dead in a cemetery.

40. The art of beautiful writing -Calligraphy
The art of calligraphy is now dying.

41. A musical entertainment given in a public hall – Concert
People came in thousands to the concert.

42. One who eats human flesh – Cannibal
This book gives an account of cannibals of the past.

43. Government of the people, by the people, for the people – Democracy
We are the biggest democracy in the world.

44. One who drinks too much – Drunkard
A drunkard is certain to have a short life.

45. A government by one person – Dictatorship
Dictatorship cannot continue for long.

46. Money or gifts given to a girl at her marriage -Dowry
Her rich parents gave her a big dowry.

47. To injure one’s reputation – Defame
Each new government defames the previous one.

48. The art of management practised by statesmen -Diplomacy
Nehru was very good at international diplomacy.

49. A speech made without preparation -Extempore
His extempore speech impressed the listeners.

50. A book containing every kind of information -Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia enriches our knowledge.

51. A person who examines -Examiner
The examiner has marked the answer-books very carelessly.

52. A thing which is fit to be eaten – Edible
All mushrooms are not edible.

53. To root out an evil —Eradicate
Dowry system cannot be eradicated by law alone.

54. To send articles out of the country —Export
India now exports cars to European countries.

55. One who loves his own religion and hates other religions —Fanatic
A fanatic can never be truly religious.

56. Murder of a brother —Fratricide
He was suspected of fratricide by the police.

57. One who is not easily pleased —Fastidious
She is very fastidious about her dress.

58. A period of two weeks —Fortnight
He comes here every fortnight.

59. That which ends in death —Fatal
He was killed in a fatal accident.

60. A man interested in the welfare of women —Feminist
A feminist favours equal rights for women.

61. A person who eats too much —Glutton
He eats like a glutton.

62. A make-up room behind the stage —Green room
Th hm’oine was dressing up in the green room.

63. Money paid to an employee after his retirement —Liratul:y
He got a big gratuity at his retirement.

64. A place for storing grain —Granary
Punjab is called the granary of India.

65. A medicine that kills germs —Germicide
Keep germicides away from children.

66. A post for which no salary is paid .‘ —Honorary
No wages are given for an honorary post.

67. To cause eggs to produce the young —Hatch
The hen hatches its eggs in a dark place.

68. A place of shelter or safety —Haven
This zoo is a haven for birds.

69. A writing which cannot be read clearly —Illegible
Your handwriting is illegible.

70. One who does not show favour to anyone —Impartial
He gave an impartial decision.

71. That which cannot be solved or dissolved —Insoluble
Oil is insoluble in water.

72. One who cannot read or write —Illiterate
The poor farmer was illiterate.

73. That which cannot be conquered —Invincible
Death is invincible.

74. That which cannot be corrected —Incorrigible
He is an incorrigible gambler.

75. One who never dies —Immortal
The soul is immortal.

76. That which is against law —Illegal
I never do an illegal act.

77. That which cannot be cured —Incurable
Cancer is incurable.

78. That which is not proper —Inept
An inept remark can turn friends into enemies.

79. A thing that must happen —Inevitable
Death is inevitable.

80. A loss which repaired or made good —Irreparable
This loss is irreparable.

81. A person easily made angry —Irritable
He has an irritable nature.

82. That which can be understood —Intelligible
Her lecture was intelligible to everyone.

83. An article or thing liable to catch fire easily —Inflammable
Petrol is highly inflammable.

84. Worship of idols —Idolatry
Many religions are against idolatry.

85. Showing or having good sense and wisdom —Judicious
It was a judicious decision.

86. A special skill or ability —Knack
Mohan has a knack of pleasing everybody.

87. A problem or question hard to solve —Knotty
It is a knotty problem.

88. One who can read and write —Literate
Very few people in the village are literate.

89. A copy of a book, piece of music, etc. before it has been printed. —Manuscript
The manuscript was neatly handwritten.

90. A disorderly crowd of people —Mob
The police was unable to control the mob.

91. A person with a bad reputation. —Notorious
Jagga was a notorious dacoit.

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