PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Pairs of Words Generally Confused

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Pairs of Words Generally Confused

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Pairs of Words Generally Confused

अंग्रेजी भाषा के कुछ शब्द प्रायः विद्यार्थियों के मन में उलझन पैदा कर देते हैं क्योंकि कई बार वे बोलने में एक जैसे प्रतीत होते हैं, किन्तु उनके अर्थ एक-दूसरे से बहुत भिन्न होते हैं। इस तरह के शब्दों के अर्थ और उनके प्रयोग विद्यार्थियों को अच्छी तरह से समझ लेने चाहिएं। ऐसे कुछ उदाहरण प्रयोग सहित नीचे दिए जा रहे हैं।

1. Accept – He accepted my offer.
Except – All except Mohan were present.

2. Alter – Don’t alter your decision now.
Altar – He bowed his head at the altar.

3. Adapt – You should adapt yourself to new system.
Adopt – Rajni says she will adopt this child.
Adept – She is adept in painting.

4. Access – I have no access to the minister.
Excess – Excess of everything is bad.

5. Advise – He advised me to work hard.
Advice – I shall follow your advice.

6. Angle – Make an angle of 30°.
Angel – Gandhiji was an angel of peace.

7. Incident – It was a sad incident of my life.
Accident – He was killed in a bus accident.

8. Amiable – She has an amiable nature.
Amicable – They reached an amicable settlement.

9. Affect – Overwork affected her health.
Effect – My advice had no effect on him.

10. Artisan – A blacksmith is an artisan.
Artist – A singer is an artist.

11. Bail – He was released on bail.
Bale – I bought two bales of cotton.

12. Bare – Don’t walk around in bare feet.
Bear  – I can’t bear this insult.

13. Battle – Our army won the battle.
War – The world is living in the fear of war.

14. Born – When were you born?
Borne – I have borne many difficulties.

15. Bridal – She has gone for bridal make-up.
Bridle – Can you bridle this horse?

16. Birth – What is your date of birth?
Berth – I got a berth in the train.

17. Break – You shouldn’t break the rules.
Brake – The brakes of my bike don’t work.

18. Canon – It is against the canons of morality.
Cannon – He was killed by a cannon ball.

19. Canvas – He is good at canvas painting.
Canvass – He was canvassing for votes.

20. Carrier – My bicycle has no carrier.
Career – He was successful in his career.

21. Cast – Cast off your old dress.
Caste – He is a Brahmin by caste.

22. Childish – I don’t like her childish ways.
Childlike – Your childlike simplicity is in fact your beauty.

23. Cite – He cited an example to prove his point.
Site – This site is good for a factory.
Sight – The sight of the hills was very lovely.

24. Cord – I want a piece of cord to hang this picture.
Chord – A chord joins two points on a circle.

25. Course – The question paper was out of course.
Coarse – This cloth is very coarse.

26. Custom – The dowry is a bad custom.
Habit – Smoking is a bad habit.

27. Check – The teacher checked my homework:
Cheque – I gave her a cheque for one thousand rupees.

28. Council – He is a member of the students council.
Counsel – Listen to the counsel of your elders.

29. Dear – Arun is my dear friend.
Deer – A deer can run very fast.

30. Dose – Take your dose of medicine.
Doze – He was dozing in the class.

31. Discover – America was discovered by Columbus.
Invent – Who invented telephone?

32. Disease – Is Diabetes not a serious disease?
Decease – After her father’s decease, she joined the family business.

33. Drown – The boy was drowned in the river.
Sink – The boat sank in the flooded river.

34. Due – This loss was due to your carelessness.
Dew – The dew drops looked very beautiful.

35. Dying – The old man was dying.
Dyeing – He has a dyeing factory

36. Diary – Diary writing is a good habit.
Dairy – We buy milk from a dairy.

37. Envelop – He was enveloped blanket.
Envelope – She received a letter with a torn envelope.

38. Fair – Our prices are always fair.
Fare – Children travel half fare.

39. Feet – I have pain in my feet.
Feat – The magician showed us many feats.

40. Farther – I am tired and can’t go any farther.
Further – Have you any further questions?

41. Flour – The bread is made of flour.
Floor – There was a carpet on the floor.

42. Fore – There was fire in the fore part of the ship.
Four – Two and two make four.

43. Foul – Never play a foul game.
Fowl – The goose is a water fowl.

44. Forth – They set forth at dawn.
Fourth – She got the fourth position.

45. Farm – Mr. Gill has a very big farm.
Form – Please help me fill in this form.

46. Gate – This big building has an iron gate.
Gait – She has a lovely gait.

47. Goal – What is your goal in life?
Gaol – The thief was sent to gaol.

48. Hail – He hails from Delhi.
Hale – He looked hale and hearty.

49. Heel – I have pain in my left heel.
Heal – Your wound will take time to heal.

50. Human – To err is human.
Humane – She has a very humane nature.

51. Hair – She has very long hair.
Hare – The hare can run very fast.

52. Idle – Don’t sit idle…
Idol – Sachin is the idol of many cricket lovers.

53. Industrial – Ludhiana is an industrial town.
Industrious – Punjabis are industrious people.

54. Loose – I like loose clothes.
Lose – Be brave and don’t lose heart.

55. Lesson – I have learnt my lesson.
Lessen – This tablet will lessen your pain.

56. Loin – Let us gird up our loins.
Lion – He is as brave as a lion.

57. Liar – He is a liar by nature.
Lawyer – His father is a lawyer.

58. Mail – I received a letter by mail.
Male – She has one male child.

59. Miner – Seven miners were killed in the accident.
Minor – It is not a minor mistake.

60. Merry – Eat, drink and be merry.
Marry – She doesn’t want to marry.

61. Meet – I meet him almost daily.
Meat – I do not eat meat.

62. Pail – The pail is full of water.
Pale – She turned pale at the sight of a thief in the house.

63. Pain – I have pain in my head.
Pane – Who has broken the window-pane ?

64. Pair – I have bought a pair of shoes.
Pare – Pare your nails.

65. Piece – I gave him a piece of bread.
Peace – We want to live in peace.

66. Practice – Practice makes a man perfect.
Practise – You should practise every day.

67. Quite – I am feeling quite well today,
Quiet – Keep quiet, please.

68. Pray – I pray to God daily.
Prey – The lion is a beast of prey.

69. Principal – The principal of our school is a gentle person.
Principle – He is a man of high principles.

70. Right – He is right in saying this.
Rite – Old rites must go now.
Write – She writes to me off and on.

71. Route – We took the shortest route.
Rout – The enemy was put to rout.

72. Role – She played her role nicely.
Roll – The teacher took the roll.

73. Ring – She was wearing a gold ring.
Wring – Wring out the towel, please.

74. Sale – This house is for sale.
Sail – The ship was in full sail.

75. Sore – My eyes are sore.
Sour – These grapes are sour.
Soar – Prices are soaring these days.

76. Soul – The soul is immortal.
Sole – The sole of my shoe needs mending.

77. Stationary – The sun is stationary.
Stationery – He deals in stationery.

78. Steal – Knowledge is a thing that none can steal.
Steel – The knife is made of steel.

79. Story – He told us a false story.
Storey – This house has three storeys.

80. Son – His son is a doctor.
Sun – The sun gives us light and heat.

81. Tail – A monkey has a long tail.
Tale – She related her sad tale.

82. Their – They have finished their work.
There – We waited there for an hour.

83. Throne – The king was sitting on his throne.
Thrown – Rotten eggs were thrown away.

84. Tamper – Someone has tampered with my books.
Temper – Do not lose your temper.

85. Vacation – We went to Shimla during the summer vacation.
Vocation – Nursing is a noble vocation.

86. Waste – Don’t waste your time. e
Waist – I have pain in my waist.

87. Weak – The old man was too weak to walk.
Week – He is coming here next week.

88. Wonder – I wonder what he wants.
Wander – He keeps wandering all day.

89. Whet – Hard work whets the appetite.
Wet – Don’t wear these wet clothes.

90. Weather – The weather was fine on the hills.
Whether – I want to know whether he will come.

91. Weight – What is your weight ?
Wait – I had to wait for a long time.

92. Ware – He goes from street to street selling his wares.
Wear – She loves to wear loose clothes.

93. Wood – This chair is made of wood.
Woods – He left home and went to live in the woods.

94. Which – Which class are you in ?
Witch – I don’t believe in ghosts and witches.

Choose the correct word for each blank.

1. He went for a walk in the ………..(wood, woods)
2. She always ……………. good clothes. (wares, wears)
3. Please …………… here for some time. (wait, weight)
4. Bad …………….. of drugs was soon felt. (affect, effect)
5. He was set free on …………….. (bale, bail)
6. Can you ……………… this stick ? (break, brake)
7. ……. off your old shoes. (Caste, Cast)
8. Lata is my ………………. friend.(dear, deer)
9. He does not …… good clothes (wear, ware)
10. The child wanted me to tell a …………(tail, tale)
11. I …………….. whose house is this ! (wander, wonder)
12. He felt .. ……………. after illness. (weak, week)
13. Do not go out in bad ……. (weather, whether)
14. She gave …………….. to a baby girl. (birth, berth)
15. He noted it down in his (diary, dairy)
16. He is opening the garden …………… (gate, gait)
17. If a man is not …………….. he can hardly expect to succeed. (industrious, industrial)
18. He fell a ………………. to disease. (pray, prey)
19. Newton formulated the …………… of gravitation.(principal, principle)
20. He wanted to …………….. an educated girl. (marry, merry)
21. Make a list of all the ……………… members in our staff. (male, mail)
22. She never lost her …………… (tamper, temper)
23. ……………… out the damp clothes. (Ring, Wring)
24. He is in the ……………… of smoking after meals. (custom, habit)
25. Do not ……………… in the class. (doze, dose)
1. woods
2. wears
3. wait
4. effect
5. bail
6. break
7. Cast
8. dear
9. wear
10. tale
11. wonder
12. weak
13. weather
14. birth
15. diary
16. gate
17. industrious
18. prey
19. principle
20. marry
21. male
22. temper
23. Wring
24. habit
25. doze.

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