JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Use Of Words As Different  Parts Of Speech 

JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Use Of Words As Different  Parts Of Speech

JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar Use Of Words As Different  Parts Of Speech

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Grammar

Jammu & Kashmir State Board class 9th English Grammar

J&K State Board class 9 English Grammar

Use of the Same Word as Noun, Verb and Adjective


Noun : It is my left arm.

Verb : Pakistan has armed herself with dangerous weapons.

Adjective :  This is an arm chair.


Noun : Fresh air is useful for health.

Verb : The mattress needs to be aired.

Adjective : She is an air hostess.
Noun : I have pain in my back.
Verb :  He backed my proposal.
Adjective : He came through the back door. Book
Noun : I have read this book.
Verb : Have you booked your passage to London ?
Adjective : This is a book shop.
Noun : Fortune favours the brave.
Verb : We braved all the dangers.
Adjective : He is a brave soldier.
Noun : The peon is ringing the bell.
Verb : Who will bell the cat ?
Adjective : She was wearing bell bottoms.
Noun : He has no chance of success.
Verb : I chanced to meet an old friend in Delhi.
Adjective : It was just a chance meeting.
Noun : The cost of living is very high these days.
Verb : How much did this book cost you ?
Adjective : What is the cost price of this machine?
Noun : I have seen many ups downs in my life.
Verb : He downed his opponent with a sliding trick.
Adjective : The down trains are mostly late.
Noun : Death does not spare anyone.
Adjective : The old man is on his death bed now.
Noun : Life here is full of dangers.
Adjective : The river was flowing above the danger mark.
Adjective : The weather is dry today.
Verb : This lake dries up in summer.
Noun : Enough We have enough of food with us.
Adjective : The poor cannot get enough food.
Noun : There was no end to our difficulties.
Verb : Communal riots must end now.
Noun : Our army fought to a finish.
Verb : Finish your work quickly.
Noun : Wash your face.
Verb : He has faced many difficulties in his life.
Adjective : Rani uses face cream to look pretty.
Noun : Our plans fell to the ground.
Verb : The teacher grounded his pupils in algebra.
Adjective : He lives on the ground floor.
Noun : Wash your hands.
Verb : He has handed over the charge.
Adjective : It is my hand bag.
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