KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Dialogue Writing

KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Dialogue Writing

JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition Dialogue Writing

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition

Jammu & Kashmir State Board Class 9 English Composition

J&K State Board class 9 English Composition

Complete each of the following dialogues :
Suppose somebody has stolen your hundred rupees. You go to the Principal of your school to complain. Complete the dialogue between you and your Principal. Your answers are given below.
Q.1. May I come in, sir ?
Ans.— Yes, come in.
Q.2. What brings you here ?
Ans.— Sir, somebody has stolen my hundred rupees.
Q.3. Where had you kept the money ?
Ans.— I had kept it in a book in my bag, Sir.
Q.4. Where had you put your bag ?
Ans.— It was lying in the classroom.
Q.5. Where had the boys of your class gone ?
Ans.— All the boys had gone to the ground for P.T.
Q.6. Did you ask anybody about it ?
Ans.— Yes Sir, I have asked a number of classmates.
Q.7. Have you notified it on the noticeboard ?
Ans.— Not yet, Sir, but I will put it up on the noticeboard very soon.
Imagine that you are a football player. Your team won a football match yesterday. Your father wants to know about the match. The answers you gave to your father’s questions are given below. Complete the dialogue by writing the questions your father asked. The italicized words will help you to frame questions.
Q.1. Did you play the match yesterday ? 
Ans.— Yes, I played the match yesterday.
Q.2. Where was the match played ?
Ans.— The match was played on the University grounds.
Q.3. Who was the referee ?
Ans.— Mr. Chain Singh was the referee.
Q.4. Which team was stronger ?
Ans.— Both the teams were equally strong.
Q.5. Which team scored the first goal ?
Ans.— Our team scored the first goal.
Q.6. How many goals were scored ? 
Ans.— Two goals were scored.
Q.7. Did you score any goal ?
Ans.— Yes, I scored one goal.
Imagine you bought a book from a bookseller. When you reached home, you found some pages missing. In the evening you went to the shop again. Complete the dialogue between you and the bookseller, filling in the questions asked by him. Your answers are given here.
Q.1. Do you want to buy some book ?
Ans.— No, I don’t want to buy any book.
Q.2. What do you want then ?
Ans.— I want only to change this book.
Q.3. When did you buy it ?
Ans.— I bought it today morning.
Q.4. Who gave it to you ? 
Ans.— Your salesman gave it to me.
Q.5. How much did you pay for it ?
Ans.— I paid twenty-five rupees for it.
Q.6. Did you get the cash memo from the salesman ?
Ans.— Yes, I got a cash memo from the salesman.
Q.7. Can you wait for three days ?
Ans.— No, I can’t wait for three days.
Suppose a friend of yours wants to know about your school library. The answers are given below. Complete the dialogue by writing the questions your friend asked. 
Q.1. Is there any library in your school ?
Ans.— Yes, our school has a big library.
Q.2. Who is the incharge of the library ?
Ans.— Shri Sham Lal is its incharge.
Q.3. How many almirahs are there in the library ?
Ans.— There are ten big steel almirahs in our library.
Q.4. Are there storybooks also ?
Ans.— Yes, there are many storybooks in it.
Q.5. When does your class goes to the library ?
Ans.— Our class goes every alternate day to the library.
Q.6. How many books are there in the library ?
Ans.— There are more than five thousand books in our library.
Q.7. How many books can you take out at a time ?
Ans.— We can take out only one book at a time.
Complete each of the following dialogues by filling in the blanks :
Ram : Hello Shyam! How are you?
Shyam : I’m fine, thanks. What a pleasant surprise !
Ram : It’s a long time since we met. Where have you been all these years ?
Shyam : In Delhi. How about you ? Tell me (a) …………………… nowadays ?
Ram : I’m the Manager of Tata Steels here. The last time I saw you, you were still studying. (b) . ……… your engineering degree ?
Shyam : In 2013 ! Actually, I’ve come here to take up a new job with Hindustan Motors. I’m the new Production Engineer.
Ram : That’s wonderful news. When (c) …………… ?
Shyam : Actually, I have to report at 10 a.m. today. The office is on Sardar Patel Road. Can you tell me (d) ……………?
Ram :  Well, you could take a number 40 bus. But look, it’s very near my office. Let me give you a lift.
(a) what are you doing (b) When did you obtain (c) are you going to report for duty (d) how I can reach there.
P = Parvathi
R = Radha
P : What are you doing this weekend, Radha ?
R : I haven’t got any special plans.
P : How about (a) …………. at my place ?
R ; That sounds lovely, but I’ll have to ask my parents’ permission to stay overnight.
P : I’ll ask my mother to call your parents this evening.  (b) ……………… the evening ?
R : Yes, I don’t think they’re going out tonight.
P : We’ll have a great time. On Sunday, Daddy’s taking us to Gulmarg. (c) ……………… ?
R : No, I haven’t, but I hear it’s a lovely place. (d) …………….. to get there?
P : Oh, just a couple of hours. It’s only about 80 kms away.
(a) spending the weekend / the night (b) Will they be at home in (c) Have you ever been to there (d) How long does it take.
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