KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Email Writing

`KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Email Writing

JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition Email Writing

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition

Jammu & Kashmir State Board Class 9 English Composition

J&K State Board class 9 English Composition

Email (electronic mail) is the medium of communication that sends and receives messages through a specially-designed computer network. With the revolution in information technology along with the rapid growth of the Internet, email has become the most popular medium of communication. More and more people are using email to send their messages. Due to its high speed, efficiency and low cost, email has become one of the most important channels of communication. As emails are faster than letters, they are used for a quick transmission of all sorts of information..
Emails and letters are almost similar in style. Emails between relatives, friends. and colleagues can be informal, but business emails can be semi-formal or formal depending on individual relationship and what the message is about.
When a person sends an email message, the programme usually inserts his her name, return email address, and date automatically. Therefore, the sender need not type his / her name, email address, and date. He / She just needs. to fill in :
(i) the “To’ line with the recipient’s email address
(ii) the ‘Subject’ line with a clear and concise description of the subject of his/her message
(iii) the Cc line with the email address of anyone who is to receive a copy of the email message.
Thus an email includes the following:
The heading segment of an email includes the following :
• The Date Line indicates the date the email was written. It includes the day, month, year, and the exact time. While sending an email message, the date line usually appears automatically.
Date : Sat.              7 March 2011            12:50:20
Date : Sun.            7 May 2011                08:37:58
Date : Mon.          20 July 2011               15:01:19
• The From line contains the sender’s name and e-mail address. The name does not include any personal title such as Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr, etc. While sending an email message, the sender’s address usually appears automatically.
Examples :
From : ‘Kalpana Jain'<kalpana@rediffmail.com>
From : ‘Kewal Krishan’<kewal@bsnl.com>
From : ‘AshrafRizvi’<ashrafrizvi@yahoo.com>
• The To line includes the recipient’s email address.
Examples :
• The Subject line summarises the topic of the email in a few words.
Examples :
Subject: Market Feedback
Subject : Return from Extraordinary Leave
Subject : Annual Conference 2010
• The Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy). It is a copy of the original which bears no evidence that the copy was sent to some other person also.
A Salutation should be used if email is being used as a means to reach out to people outside the sender’s organisation. The same name as in the To line can be used with a personal title such as Ms, Mrs, Mr, or Dr. However, the salutation may be omitted if the email is being used to send information inside the sender’s organisation.
Examples :
Dear Maya,
Dear Dr Bright,
Dear Professor Kapoor.
• The body of an email contains the complete detail of the message. It should be divided into suitable paragraphs if the message is a lengthy one.
• The closing usually includes words of good wishes such as Best regards, Kind regards, Regards, Sincerely, Yours faithfully, Thank you, All the best, and so on.
• The signature line in an email message generally contains only the writer’s name. However, it may sometimes include the title and the organisation of the sender.
Specimen of a Formal Email 
Specimen of a Formal Email
Your friend has got through the Senior Secondary Examination. Write an email to her, congratulating her on success in the Examination. Base your email on the following verbal input:
• Got high first division
• Hard work borne fruit
• Inform your future plans.
Date : 12 October 20__

From : misha@gmail.com

To : sunita@gmail.com

Subject : Congratulations on success in exam

Dear Sunita

The result of the Senior Secondary Examination was declared today. You have got a high first division. It has given me great pleasure. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your success. It is really a big achievement for you. Your hard work has borne fruit after all.
All of us are full of joy at your success. Please convey my congratulations to your dear parents also. They must be very glad at your success.
What are your future plans? Which college are you going to join ?
Your loving friend
You are going to appear for the Matriculation Examination next month. Write an email to your father telling him how you hope to fare in the Examination. Base your email on, the following verbal input: 
• Fully prepared
• Revised every chapter
• Made up deficiency in maths also.
Date : 16 October 20__

From : varinder@rediffmail.com

Το : sk132@gmail.com

Subject : Preparation for Exam

Dear Father

The Matriculation Examination begins next Monday. You will be glad to know that I am fully prepared for it. I have revised every book twice. I hope to do well in all the papers. There is yet one week to the examination. I am going to make the most of this time.
Mathematics has always been a problem for me. But now, I have made up my deficiency in it. I hope to do well in it also.
With love and best wishes
Yours affectionately
Imagine you are Harish. Write an email to your father informing him about the prize which you have won by standing first in the house examination. Base your email on the following verbal input:
• Chief Minister presided over the function
• Won first prize
• Received loud applause
• Friends congratulated me.
Date : 4 December 20__

From : harish412@gmail.com

Το : aggarwal151@yahoo.com

Subject : Winning a prize

My dear Father
The prize distribution function of our school was held last Monday. The Chief Minister presided over the function.
Ledn You will be glad to know that I have won t the first prize by standing first in the house examination. There were many prize-winners, but I was the first to be called for getting the prize. I went to the stage and shook hands with the Chief Minister. The students and teachers gave loud cheers. The Chief Minister gave me the prize and took me in his embrace. There was a loud applause once again. After this, I came back to my seat. My friends congratulated me again and again. I wish, Papa, you had been there on that day !
Your loving son
You are Harpreet. Write an email to your friend, inviting him to your sister’s wedding. Base your email on the following verbal input :
• Sister’s marriage next Monday
• In-laws a very respectable family
• We are becoming more and more busy
• Reach as soon as possible.
Date : 28 March 20__

From : hp303@sify.com 

To : sanjay420@yahoo.com 

Subject : An Invitation

My dear Sanjay
You will be glad to know that my sister’s marriage comes off next Monday. It will be on the 4th of April. My sister is very lucky. She has got a very good match. Her in-laws are a very respectable family. They belong to Delhi. They are quite well. off. The bridegroom is a doctor.
As the day of marriage is drawing near, we are becoming more and more busy. Much remains to be done. Clothes and jewellery have yet to be bought. Your selection of such things is always very nice. You can lend a hand if you come a few days earlier. Don’t wait for the formal letter of invitation. You should reach here as soon as possible.
With love
Yours sincerely
You have travelled by an aeroplane for the first time. Write an email to your friend, sharing your excitement and feelings. You can use the following clues :
• nervous
• neat and clean airport
• cooperative employees
• description of the flight and how you felt
• saves time, comfortable journey.
Date : 17 October 20__

From : np707@yahoo.com

Το : vedprakash@rediffmail.com

Subject : Experience of my first flight in an aeroplane

Dear Ved
On the 10th of this month, I travelled by air from Delhi to Mumbai. It was hot outside, but inside the airport, it was very cool and pleasant. Everything looked neat and tidy. The airport employees were very cooperative. They greeted everyone with a smile. I was feeling nervous because it was my first experience of air travel. But during the flight, all fear was gone. It was very smooth and enjoyable. It was a comfortable journey and saved a lot of my time. I wish you were there with me !
Yours lovingly
Narinder Pahwa
 You are Pankaj / Priyanka, living in a students’ hostel of Cambridge Mission School. Write an email to your brother, telling him about an interesting weekend that you spent at a friend’s house. Base your email on the following verbal input:
• Spent weekend at Anoop’s house
• Parents loving
• Spent time eating and playing
• Came back on Monday morning.
Date : 23 November 20__

From : pk176@rediffmial.com 

To : sumit@gmail.com 

Subject : Interesting weekend

Dear Sumit
Ter With the permission of my hostel warden, I spent the last weekend at my friend Anoop’s house. He is a resident student and had invited me to spend the weekend at his house. His parents treated me like their own son. special delicacies for me. We spent most of the time eating and playing. But the most interesting thing of the visit was the ‘antakshri’ we played on Sunday night. On Monday morning, I came back to my hostel. The visit was such a pleasant change for me !
Yours affectionately
Imagine you have a younger brother. You have received his progress report from his school. The report is unsatisfactory. Write an email giving him some suggestions to improve his performance. Base your email on the following verbal input:
• Disappointed at progress report
• Don’t do homework regularly
• Make up deficiency in English and Maths
• Frame a timetable.
Date : 25 December 20__

From : 20suresh@yahoo.com

Το : rakesh@gmail.com 

Subject :  Suggestions for improvement in studies

My dear Rakesh
I have just received your progress report for the December Test. It is very disappointing. You fail badly in English and Mathematics. Your tutor has complained that you don’t do your homework regularly.
Dear Rakesh, it is never too late to mend. Do your homework regularly. You should try to make up your deficiency in English and Mathematics. Request your teacher to suggest you some good books on these subjects. You should study every subject daily. Frame a timetable and work according to it. I hope you will take my suggestions seriously. Remember, it will be no use crying over spilt milk.
Yours affectionately
Suresh Jindal
Write an email to your friend, telling him/her how you plan to celebrate your birthday. 
Date : 18 October 20__

From : sahil05@gmail.com

To : rkm563@gmail.com

Subject : Planning of my birthday celebration

Dear Rakesh
My birthday falls on 25 October. This time I have decided to celebrate my birthday in a big way. I have got the restaurant ‘Jannat’ booked for this. I will invite all my friends and relatives on this occasion. There will be great fun and frolic. As you are my best friend, I give the invitation to you the first of all. You will have to sing a beautiful song that you refused last time. But this time I am going to have no excuse. So prepare a sweet one. The birthday party will begin at 7.00 p.m. sharp.
Yours loving friend
Sahil Arora
You are Akhil / Asha, living at New Delhi. You recently visited the International Book Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Write an email to your friend, Preeti, informing her of the types of books on display there and your experience. Base your email on the following verbal input:
• international book fair
• Vast collection of books
Date : 15 October 20__

From : 20asha10@gmail.com.

Το :  preeti207@yahoo.com 

Subject : Telling about the book fair

My dear Preeti 
There is an International Book Fair going on at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I there is a requested my father to take me there. Countries from all over the world are participating in the fair.
Preeti, I was simply spellbound to see such a vast collection of books at one place. There were books on all subjects. I visited the pavilions of advanced countries like the USA, England, France, Russia, Japan, etc. They had put up a varied and vast collection. I was much impressed but I was anxious to see the Indian pavilion. When I entered it, I was impressed the most. I was filled with pride to feel that we Indians are second to none in this field. If possible, you also must visit it.
Yours affectionately
You travelled for the first time in a train and that too alone. Write an email to a friend in about 120 words, describing your experience.
Date : 15 October 20__

From : sunitsehgal@rediffmail.com

To : mailto:ashu@yahoo.com

Subject : My first journey by train and that too alone

My dear Ashu
You know that we live in a remote village which is far away from the railway line. I had never travelled by train, but last month we were to attend the marriage of a relative in Jalandhar. All preparations had been made for the journey and I was wild with excitement since it was going to be my first journey by train. But unluckily, a day before our scheduled departure, Mother fell ill and Father had to stay back. I said I would go all alone. Father agreed to it since he knew how restless I was for my first journey by train. He bought me a ticket and saw me off at the nearest railway station. You can’t imagine how elated I felt all along the journey. I sat by the window and kept looking outside all the time. The trees and fields seemed to be racing past me. The scene inside the compartment also was very interesting. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the journey. The train reached Jalandhar at 6.30 in the evening. I enjoyed every moment of the journey. It was the pleasantest experience of my life.
Sunit Sehgal 
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