JKBOSE 10th Class English Grammar Part of Speech

JKBOSE 10th Class English Grammar Part of Speech

JKBOSE 10th Class English Grammar Part of Speech

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 10th Class English

We use words in order to express our thoughts. These words are divided into different classes or kinds according to the purpose for which they are used. The different kinds of words are called PARTS OF SPEECH. They are of eight kinds :

1. Noun
2. Pronoun
3. Adjective
4. Verb
5. Adverb
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection.
1. Noun: A word used for naming anything is called a Noun; as,
    Ashoka, Akbar, Jammu, Srinagar, table, chair, air, honesty, bravery, etc.
2. Pronoun: A word used instead of noun is called a Pronoun; as,
I, my, me, we, our, us, ours.
You, your, yours.
He, she, it, his, her, him, hers, they, them, their, theirs, its.
Note the use of Pronouns in the place of Nouns in the following sentences :
1. Iqbal is my classmate. He is very intelligent.
2. Babita did not come to school. She had gone to attend her friend’s marriage.
3. I have bought a table. It is made of wood.
 3. Adjective: A word which qualifies (adds something to) a Noun is called an Adjective; as,
1. a young man.
2. an unhappy person.
3. a beautiful flower.
4. a round table.
4. Verb: A word which is used for saying something about some person or thing is called a Verb; as,
1. He does his work regularly.
2. I wrote him a letter.
3. She told a lie.
4. Cows feed on grass.
5. Adverb: A word that qualifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb is called an Adverb; as,
1. He speaks gently.
2. He is very gentle.
3. He speaks quite gently.
6. Preposition : A word used before a Noun or Pronoun and expressing the relation of that Noun or Pronoun to some other word in the sentence is called a Preposition; as,
1. The boys were playing in the ground.
2. There was a bridge over the river.
3. The book was lying on the table.
4. I don’t agree with you.
7. Conjunction : A word that joins two words, phrases, clauses or sentences is called a Conjunction; as,
1. He is poor but honest.
2. Make hay while the sun shines.
3. He failed because he did not work hard.
4. Tell me where you live.
8. Interjection : A word which is used to express some sudden feeling of joy, sorrow, surprise, etc. is called an Interjection; as,
1. Alas! She is no more.
2. Hurrah! We have won the match.
3. Oh! You have again done this mistake.
4. Bravo! Well played.
In fact, an Interjection is not a Part of Speech since it is not connected with other parts of the sentence. It is a mere sound standing by itself and thrown into a sentence to express some sudden feeling of the mind.
Point out the Part of Speech to which each of the italicised words in the following sentences belongs :
1. Water the roses.
2. Take some water.
3. We saw a water bird.
4. Everybody congratulated him when he won a lottery.
5. Alas! He has done a very bad thing.
6. He was tall and of handsome appearance.
7. I have some very beautiful pictures with me.
8. He was standing before the gate of his house.
9. I have never seen such a thing before.
10. We want to know the cause of his failure.
11. He fell off the roof and broke his leg.
12. How can you tell such a lie ?
13. The train has not come yet.
14. What were you doing in the room?
15. I have lost the book that I bought yesterday.

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