KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Event Narrating

KBOSE 9th Class English Composition Event Narrating

JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition Event Narrating

Jammu & Kashmir State Board JKBOSE 9th Class English Composition

Jammu & Kashmir State Board Class 9 English Composition

J&K State Board class 9 English Composition

 (1) A Birthday Party
My friend, Anil, gave a party on his birthday. He invited all his friends. The party was held at his house. I reached his house at 6 p.m. There was a great hustle and bustle. A big cake was placed on a table. All of us stood round the table. Anil cut the cake with a knife. All of us chanted three times: ‘Happy Birthday To You.’ Then we set to eating. The cake was served to all. It was very tasty. There were many things to eat. We ate to our heart’s content. There was singing and dancing also. All of us enjoyed the party. I came back home at 8 p.m.
(2) A Marriage
My elder brother’s marriage took place last month. The marriage party went to Ambala. We went by bus. We went laughing, singing and dancing. We reached the bride’s house at 7 p.m. It was nicely decorated. We were given a warm reception. We were served with sweets, tea and cold drinks. We ate to our heart’s content. After this, there was the marriage ceremony. The priest recited mantras. The bride’s friends teased my brother much. But our brave hero kept smiling. After the marriage ceremony, the elders blessed the new couple. My father refused to take any dowry. All praised him. We came back in the morning.
(3) Granny’s Eightieth Birthday
On 15 August, 20__, our granny turned eighty. We celebrated the day with prayers and rejoicings. Early in the morning, all the members of the family accompanied granny to the temple. There we prayed for her health and long life. Granny was dressed in spotless white. She wore a rosary round her neck. She looked very smart and graceful. In the evening, we arranged a party in granny’s honour. We had invited all her old friends. All of them brought gifts for her. The youngers touched her feet and sought her blessings. Granny’s face beamed with smiles. As a white candle in a holy place, so was the beauty of our granny’s face.
(4) Van Mahotsava Celebration
A grand Van Mahotsava programme was celebrated in our school on 24th August this year. All the e teachers and the students participated in it with great enthusiasm. The whole compound of the school was swept clean and a number of trees were planted at every available space in the school. In the afternoon, there was a song and dance programme which highlighted the value of trees in our life. The students took a pledge to plant trees in their life and take care of them. At the end of the programme, the Principal of the school gave a speech. He thanked all the teachers and students for making the programme a grand success.
(5) Inauguration of the New Computer Wing
The new Computer Wing of the school was inaugurated by Dr. Ravi Sharma, Principal of Govt. Polytechnic, Jammu. On this occassion a talk on computers and their use was organised. The talk was given by Dr. Arvind Sharma. His talk was very interesting and informative. He told the students about different kinds of computers and their use in our present-day life. He impressed upon the students to take maximum advantage of their new computer wing and gain some elementary knowledge about the working of computers. This new computer wing is going to help the students a great deal.
(6) Blood Donation Camp on School’s Annual Day
A blood Donation Camp was organised in the school hall on the occasion of the School’s Annual Day. Three doctors and six nurses of the local Civil Hospital offered their services for it. A large number of teachers and students donated blood with beaming faces and proud hearts. Some of the guests and visitors were also motivated to donate blood. Two hundred and seventy bottles of blood were collected. All the collected blood was sent to the Army Hospital to help save the precious lives of our brave jawans.
(7) Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Our school celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a great sense of pride. The celebrations lasted three days in true traditions of the school. Each day was devoted to some le cause of service. On the first day, a grand fete was organised. The students arranged some fast-food stalls and also some interesting games. A total amount of rupees 8675/- was collected. The entire amount was contributed to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. On the second day, there was a Free Eye Operation Camp, and on the third day, we had a Blood Donation Camp. These activities of the school were highly appreciated by all.
(8) School’s Participation in the Republic Day Parade 
A contingent from our school took part in the Republic Day Parade held at Delhi. The smart turn-out of the team and their impressive march past won the admiration of all. Our team was adjudged the best team and each member of the team was awarded a Certificate of Commendation. It was a rare honour but we had all to practise for or it very hard for full two months. We share the pride of this memorable 9781 we best in event with all the staff and students.
(9) A Football Match
Last Sunday, our school played a football match with Arya School. We won the toss and chose our side. The ball was placed at the centre of the ground. The referee blew whistle and the game started. Till half time no goal could be scored. During the second half both the teams played very well. We were able to score a goal, but it was soon equalized. At the close of the second half both the teams stood 1-1. Extra time given to decide the match. We were lucky to get a penalty kick. It was converted into a goal. Thus, we won the match by one goal. was
(10) The Prize Distribution Function
The Prize distribution function of our school was held on the seventh of March this year. The Education Minister presided over the function. The Minister took his seat and the function began. The Principal spoke a few words to welcome the guests and the President. Then the Principal requested the President to give away the prizes. The President shook hands with the prize-winners. All the prize-winners were loudly cheered. After giving away the prizes, the President made a short speech. He congratulated the prize-winners. He advised the students to work hard. He congratulated the Principal and the staff for their excellent work. In the end, the Principal thanked the President and the function was over. Tea was served to the guests and the prize-winners.
(11)  A Cultural Function in Our School
A cultural function in a school is a great occasion. It shows how a school has trained its students on the cultural aspects of the country. People get a chance to see the fine arts of various regions of the country on one stage. We too had a cultural show last Sunday. The girls of 9th class presented the various dance forms of India. Bharatnatayam by Miss X was the piece of the show. The songs had variety. There were folk songs. There were classical songs. Some songs were in Dogri. There was a Punjabi skit also. It sent the audience into peals of laughter. Some poems, too, were recited. What a show it was! We had a mini India before us in three hours.
(12)  Science Fair in Our School
A science fair was organized in our school auditorium on the 7th of this month. It was inaugurated by the District Education Officer. There were more than 120 items on display. Most of them were working models. Each model showed newness and innovation in the practical application of some scientific law. Everyone was fascinated to see the exhibits. Students explained with confidence the mechanism of each model. Both, the students and teachers, had worked very hard to make this fair a success. Their efforts were appreciated by all present.

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